Selasa, 18 November 2008

Ending C for Valkyrie Profile - Toga wo Seou Mono

After spent at least 5 days to play this game, I've get the incredible C ENDING! Blast! Just in time when I got some new char to exploit, in the next battle I found this as my enemy

Can you beat that THING!!??

Even if I use Battle Maiden's Wing to 3 of my friend, I'm still CAN NOT beat her! So, wondering this is a event battle, I just lay myself down and seen my friends and I gangbang'ed by them >.<.

Then, my friend told me that "If you play for the first time, 100% you will get C ending. If you want A Ending, play it for 3 times :p"


Well, I said "WTF' but I'm already playing it again :p. What can I say, it's interesting, you know? And my veeerrryyy guud friend of mine just recently buy the original version and it came along with an Artbook and a booklet. Too bad I can't borrow it. I want that artbook and at least, I want to read that story of Valkyrie Profile : The Beginning in the Artbook >.<

Anyway, stay in tune for the next update!

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