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Project Diva - Black Rock Shooter

Finally found edit game for Project Diva in Nico2. The song was Black Rock Shooter!! And the first time I look at the video, I just :o

Is that human movement? xD It's so hard to accomplish, at first. But in the 3rd play, meh.. I got Great xD

Too bad, I can't post the screnshot here xD. Just look at the video if you want to know what it's like. Will be waiting for other people's edit game to play xD

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Article Project Diva



Newest game from SEGA for Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). SEGA use Hatsune Miku, as it's object for this game. Hatsune Miku was known as a net idol, from Vocaloid, voice synthetizer software by Yamaha Corp. The original voice for Hatsune Miku comes from seiyuu, Fujita Saki.

I still don't know about Adhoc Menu from the picture above. I think it was used for net play, but it seems I still didn't understand how to do it.


Project Diva was a game similiar to Beats, where we just push x, o, triangle and square in order to win. But, in here, we also can see Hatsune Miku dancing while she singing her song.


After choosing New Game/Load Game, there will be more menu that you can choose :

フリープレイ : Free Play

This is the place to play. You can unlock all of the hidden files in here, and you need to win it of course. There is 39 song you can choose. Some of it won't be available except you win or completes certain condition.

You can gain access to Hard when you complete the song with "Great". There are 5 status that you can get, they are "Missxtake", "Cheap", "Standard", "Great" and "Perfect".

Before you enter the song, you will be given this windows. This is your achievement in that song.

HARD ****** : Difficulty. More star means more difficult.
ハイスコア : High Score.
MAXコンボ : Max Combo.
クリア : How much time you clear the song.

From every song, there will be a Chance Time in a short time. Chance Time is the time when bonus point, from +100 to +5000 at max, will be added to you when your combo continue. If you reach +5000, you will gain another +5000 instead for the rest of Chance Time. This is the time for increasing your High Score in order to get "Great" for that song. If you make it to "Great", some hidden files will be unlocked, they are Hard Difficulty, Item/Room/Background Music, PV and sometimes, Module.

モジュールコンバート : Module Convert

This is the place to change Module, or you can also said, your Miku's appearance. There is 53 module, including your default Hatsune Miku. There's also Hatsune Miku's sister and brother, also from the Vocaloid by Yamaha Corp. They are Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka, Yowane Haku, Meiko, Kaito and Akita Neru. You can check the requirement to open the module, after you get certain condition, such as the requirement song already available, or already completed the prequisite song.

The requirement is listed in this format :

NORMAL/STANDARD : You need to finish the song with this status.
NORMAL/GREAT : same as above.
HARD/STANDARD : same as above.
HARD/GREAT : same as above.
クリア 5 : You need to clear the song 5 times.
MAX コンボ 110 : You need to do 110 combo in that song.
ハイスコア 230000 : You need to score 230000 in that song.
ps : The number above are just an example.

ミクルーム : Miku Room

Just like it's name. This is the room for your Miku. She will be random doing something, like yawning, reading, watching, dazing, etc. You can edit this room with square, and while in that mode, you can change to another window with R and L.

To change the type of Miku's Room.

To change accessory for the room. You can choose 3 item.

To change accessory on the wall.

To change accessory on the floor.

If you feel like listening to song, you can do triangle. There is 39 song from the Free Play available after you complete all of them, and there's also 14 bonus song for you. Also unlocked if you finish all of the song.

You can use analog to change your view, and up/down pad for zoom in/zoom out.

While at idle, you can do R to capture screen shot.

X for leaving the room.

リズムゲームエディット : Rhytim Game Edit

If you bored with Free Play, you can make your own game, and yes, it's not that easy to make. You need to setup the camera's movement, buttons and from where it will show up, Miku's movement, expression, mouth movement, and the background for that game.

From above :
- Create new
- Continue
- Play the game from the saved file.
- Edit the game from the saved file.
- Automatically create game for you. <-- not recommended.

How to make the game : In this step, you can press square to preview your option. Photobucket
1st, Choose the song.

Choose your character.

Choose your sound effect for your button if you press it. Use R/L to change to Continue button in the down-right. The next part, I still don't understand what it means, but you can choose 1 from 2 option, 1 is "Use" and 2 is "Don't Use". If you choose Use, you can change the target place for the button. Believe me, I still don't know what is this for. Whatever it is, continue, and you can change the stage for your game. You can choose more that 1, so choose to your hearts content. But remember, each stage has point to use, and you can see your remaining point in the upper-right.

Choose your movement. Again, this movement also cost your point, choose movement that you will use.

After finished, you will be in this window.
Photobucket :

リズム : Rhythim
You can choose the button that you will use, or the combination in your game.

ターゲット : Target
To change the place and direction the button to show up.

ステージ : Stage

Stage mode almost similiar to Adobe Premier/After Effect. If you can use it, I think you can make great game. Basically, this windows is to make your character to move/sing/other action in certain time. From the beginning doing nothing, and the next second, your character will laugh, and crying afterwards. As simple as that, but practically, it's hard as hell.

1. Model : The setting for transition, for example, you can make your character appear or disappear from the game.

2. Expression : The setting for expression.

3. Motion : Movement setting.
Please remember to choose your movement from the previous step. If not, you won't be able to choose anything here.

4. Background : Background setting.

5. Camera : Camera setting.

Don't forget to save after finished. You can also press Start to move to previous step.

セープ : Save. There is no auto-save in Project Diva, so please remember to save your works, if somewhat something happen. Like blackout for example...

オプション : Option. To configure the sound effect and bgm in the game.

ビシュアルライブラリ : Visual Gallery.

The collected picture from many artist who contributed to their works for Project Diva.

You can collect all of that from loading. The picture will be randomly generated everytime you in loading. There is more that 200 pics available.

タイトルに戻る : Back to Title Menu.


My Point is 10/10. Unbelievably nice game to play. SEGA did a good work to choose from thousands of Hatsune Miku's song. A lot of modul also makes the game looks interesting, and not boring. Because with different module, even we play the same song, it's feel different.

And the most nice thing is, to make your own game. We can see that Vocaloid have been upgraded, not only voice syntethizer, but also Dancing Maker. Thanks to SEGA for releasing this great game! Anyway, 1 request to all of the player.


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Sorry fot not updating this blog for a long time.. Currently cannot play any eroge due to busy from work and such.. well, for now.. please enjoy my updated lyric collection in here.

I'm really sorry.

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[AXL] Koisuru Otome no Shugo no Tate

start_base_C.jpg (234 KB)

AXL's 2007 work. Their third work, maybe. Either way, I love how AXL makes their own art style. Even though I haven't play the first two, but I consider their work is great. Maybe I'll play the rest of the game after this. And yes, their newest work in 2009 has been released. It's promising, I guess. Of course with their usual art style. Anyway, proceed to the story.


You are Kisaragi Shuuji, a guardian who works in Aegis with codename Shield 9. At first, he was on duty protecting a foreign singer whos came to Japan. After that, by his foster father who also his Executive Chief, decided to send him to Saint Theresia School. An all-rich-girl school to protect two girl. One is Kasugasaki Yukino and Tsubakihara Ren. He was forced to became a girl in order to protect them. And here we go, with his new name, Yamada Taeko, he will protect both of them with all cost!


This game use branch, and be careful of game over. Either way, the way to go to girl's route is considered simple. As long as you choose their name when the option show up. The rest is, consider you have strong sense of care to woman, you will do good job. xD. If you finished the game once, you will have new option available to skip all common conversation that you have been through, and only the option that will show up. It's good, at least for me. It saves time to redo the story and choose another route. And, if you finished all of the route, a new option will be available in the title screen. "EXTRA" option will be open, and you can gain access to some CG in pencil art. Also, character sketch, which I used in this article.


Kisaragi Shuuji

1-02-03.jpg (73 KB)

Aegis Guardian, codename Shield 9. He has no parents, and taken by the Chief of Aegis, and they trained him to became a guardian. His face is cute, and also his voice. That's why, he can easily enter the all girl school without anyone notice. With this both weakness, he always bullied by the Chief. A lot of comedy came up in their conversation, so read and laugh hard.

Yamada Taeko

1-01.jpg (88 KB) 1-02-02.jpg (106 KB)

Shuuji's disguise. Equipped with red long hair wig, bullet-proof breast pad, and tape for his crotch. LOL. See for yourself!

Kasugasaki Yukino

1-03.jpg (110 KB) 1-04-01.jpg (137 KB)

3rd year of St. Theresia and Chairman of Nadeshiko Association, which is the same like student council in normal school. She is expert in British tea making, and always called when someone from British came to Japan. She hold full authority of fund for club in St. Theresia school, and favoured by all of the student. Until her 20th birthday come, she will be targeted by the assassin in order to repel her father's inheritance.

Tsubakihara Ren

1-05.jpg (83 KB) 1-06-02.jpg (106 KB)

2nd year of St. Theresia, Vice-chairman of Nadeshiko Association and also Shuuji's classmate. With her short hair, she was considered as Prince of St. Theresia. Afraid of ghost and such, but have a strong sense of justice, just like when her father is arrested, she was seriously irritated. She was targeted because of his father issues.

Shinjou Marina

1-07.jpg (95 KB) 1-08-02.jpg (103 KB)

1st year of St. Theresia, charge in accounting in Nadeshiko Association and also Headmistress's daughter. She likes to fool around and bully people, including our hero, Yamada Taeko xD. She also the third person Shuuji need to protect.

Homura Yuri

1-11.jpg (65 KB) 1-12-02.jpg (92 KB)

Second year of St. Theresia, also Shuuji's classmate. Apparently, she also an agent whos duty to protect all of the student. Works in different organization with Shuuji, but cooperate with him in order to maintain peace in St. Theresia.

Sanada Setsuko

1-09.jpg (81 KB) 1-10-03.jpg (98 KB)

Shuuji's classmate. She is kind and caring, and her way of talking is very elegant.

Sakuraba Yuu

1-13.jpg (87 KB) 1-14-01.jpg (81 KB)

Marina's classmate. From the first time, she tend to getting close to Shuuji because of his heroic action catching Yukino's stalker.

Sister Lydia

1-17.jpg (91 KB) 1-18.jpg (61 KB)

A nun in St. Theresia. A foreigner whos in charge of the Chapel inside school. She's kind to everyone, and also, glutton.

Hoshino Urumi-sensei

1-15.jpg (83 KB) 1-16.jpg (78 KB)

A carefree teacher, but she's kind of funny in some way.


1-19.jpg (72 KB) 1-20.jpg (73 KB)

The only male teacher in St. Theresia. He is HOMO, and because of that, he hired by St. Theresia. Even though he's like that, most of the student like him. He receive confession a lot.


The only scene I got are Yukino's only. So, enjoy.

[EDIT = I forgot to bring the screenshot >.>!! Sowry!!]


This game is great. From the story, and also the OST. Marble Sky Records have full authority in order to make OP ED of this game, just like the rest of AXL's works. You won't disappointed by playing this. Believe me. For Yukino's route, I spent 20 hours, more or less. The rest of it maybe the same, I don't know. Either way, it's good. Just play!