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Fortune Arterial Article


Welcome to Shota-kon Academy… ups..

I repeat..


Yay! 2008's eroge from August, Fortune Arterial (フォーチュンアテリアル) . Take place
in Tamatsu Island. Though the main setting is in the Shuchikan Academy in Shiomi
City where the main hero goes to. Shuchikan Academy known as it's vast teritory.
Even the forest and the mountain behind also part of it. Look at this map.
17_resize.jpg (139 KB)

This Academy use Dormitory system which located right below from the above map.
It's name is Hakuho Dorm. There is a large ofuro, for man and woman. Lounge, the
only room that has TV, and not to mention the room for the student too. The man and
woman dorm separated with a door, and will be locked at night.

Not just August's last game, the option in this game is rather easy. Because it's
just using Map system, like this picture :

map_2.jpg (193 KB) map_1.jpg (164 KB) map_3.jpg (196 KB)

Also, this game didn't use Yoake Mae's system where we must choose the main heroine
first then you can choose the other, in Fortune Arterial, you can choose whoever
since the beginning. Even though you need to complete all of the character then the
True Route will available.

And, August also made some new system when the H-Scene use a new simplified and
small window, like this picture :

nice_system.jpg (144 KB)

Like this, CG won't be disturbed by the text, it means, less problem XD. NICE,
AUGUST! Last, August made Fortune Arterial which has 5 heroines to choose, like
Yoake Mae. They are :

I forgot to bring the picture of all char, but oh well. Later, guys.

Erika Sendou (千堂 瑛里華)
Fuku Kaichou of Shuchikan Academy
Room Number : 4D-01
Main heroine like Feena. Strict, and Tsundere. Above all else, she burden the
responsibilty to arrange all of the student as a vice student council. Have made
lots of bad event when meets with Kohei, for example, fall when meeting her, get
peeked while bath, and more.

Tougi Shiro (東儀 白)
Bearer of Laurel Ring
Room Number : 4D-17
LOLI XD!!! Kind, and warm-hearted. Often meet around the church. Has a white rabbit
named Yukimaru. She like sweet things, and always the one in charge to make tea in
student council's base. (Right up from the map)

Kuze Kiriha (紅瀬 桐葉)
My waifu. LOL.
Room Number : 4H-09
Cold, and less-talk. A lone wolf, but smart at Mathemathics. Erika consider her as a
rival as she always beat Erika in it. Often quarrels with Erika, but Erika always
lose. She know a little about electronic, and a member of go-home-club. She like to
late, and rarely seen in class, but I love her so much... ahh.. */me hug Kuze.

Yuuki Kanade (悠木 かなで)
Disclipinary Squad
She has infinite energy! The one and only happiest girl in the academy. A member of
Disclipinary Squad and always bring a Disclipine Seal to seal all of the student who
make ruckuss. She like to call others with a weird accent. She really over
protective when her sister came along, but always give her sister more work by it.

Yuuki Haruna (悠木 陽菜)
Normal Student.. eh?
Kanade's sister, and both of them is Kouhei's friend since little. It's the only
memories left from Haruna since her memories messed up. They suddenly became close
after meeting Kouhei since the beginning. Both sister like to invade Kouhei's room
from the window, and made a little party every night.

And, our main HERO!!
Hasekura Kouhei
Normal Boy.. yeah.. what do you expect?
A new transfer student who always moving because his parent's issue. Finally chose
Shuchickan because he have to lived in the dormitory. This way, he won't be moving
again. A different situation and a lot of meeting make her know that school actually
fun in many ways.

And there's a lot of man, but I won't bother it. Though, some of it is interesting,
but I really won't bother it. :p.

Anyway.. I’m only review 2 girl. And, here it is!!

kuze_7.jpg (156 KB)
“..Your hands.. is hot.”
Oh yeah, my hand is hot. Want another hot thing?. XD

Hmm.. For the first time in my life I’ve fallen for a non long blue hair girl.
When Kuze carry a lot of book, and Kouhei help her. Until school's corridor, Kuze
forgot to change her shoes, and Kouhei once again helping her by telling her. Then,
Kuze said this :

kuze_1.jpg (165 KB)
Oh yeah, I am.

This event make me fallen for her.

kuze_8.jpg (160 KB)
“Right now, I am kissing Kuze.”
Damn it, I’m just fapping!! I LOSE!!

Continue to 3-4 hours later, the first H scene is out. Yay!! Kuze’s so pretty and

anata_to_isshoni.jpg (171 KB)
“..With you.. together..”
Of course, my love.

Yeah. Happy end. I like it. Anyway, like before, August always give us after story
each Heroine. And here is Kuze’s after story. Just 1 picture is gud enough.

blindfolded.jpg (139 KB)

Imagine yourself! XD

By the way, here is Kuze’s script from beginning to after story, 4 those who really
bored and want to translate it :p. Or someone actually have finished translating this

DL here if you want.

And another girl, YUUKI HARUNA!!
This is the normal love-warming story for all of you who doesn’t want to get
involved with vampire and occult stuff. You only move around Haruna and that's it.
Start from Haruna's accident that makes her memories gone, and the other.

Really peacefull, full of drama, and a hard crying scene that makes me cry like a
river. Eventhough I was satisfied with the ending. (Believe me xD)

Well, some picture for reference :

haruna_2.jpg (122 KB) tomoya_s_syndrome.jpg (174 KB)

The time to complete this route almost the same like Kuze, for at least 30+ hours.
I did that while I’m sick and having a headache. I guess you can call it, love… D:

Anyway, I can only give you this much. At least, I won't give any spoiler that
makes the reader dissatisfied. I hope they will like it. Thank you.

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well ... good game from August, thought it can't beat Yoake's popularity

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hahaha, yeah, haruna iz good, but kuze is more guuuuuddddd xD