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Choukousennin Haruka Article - Part 2


You can choose 1 from the 3 heroines to have sex with.

Then, choose whatever H-Scene that you want.

Explanation :
Right text :
淫力 = Your H-Point. Used for attacking or upgrading status or skill.

戦段 = Combat level. Used when attacking the castle.
  * 攻 = Attack
  * 防 = Defense
  * 反 = Response, or Dexterity. For evade and hit rate.
When battling with enemy, if you see blue color in your stat, then you will find it
hard to defeat it because your stat is not enough.

Left text :

難易度 = Difficulty. How much point of requirement to do that event.

段階 = Level. After reaching level 3, you already master it. The difficulty point
will decrease.

タイトル = The name of the event.

取得淫力 = The amount of H-Point restored.

ボーナス = Some bonus after the event.
   * 攻 = Atk
   * 防 = Def
   * 反 = Res
   * 淫力アップ = Increase H-Point.


Explanation :

戦段 = Combat level.

ルート分岐 = Heroine route. We can see what route we will get. It's convenient, right?
    * 通常ルート = Normal route
    * トゥルールート = True route
    * 鬼畜ルート = Kichiku route

Love - may affect the heroine route

パラメーター = Parameter, character stat.
   * 淫力 = H-point
   * 障壁 = HP
   * 攻撃力 = Attack power
   * 防御力 = Defense power
   * 反応力 = Response power

The text in up-right is the achievement from one of the character.

エッチ回数 = How much time the heroines have sex.
戦闘回数 = How much time she battle.
勝利数 = How much time she win.
敗北数 = How much time she lose.
撃破キャラ = Enemy List that has been defeated by her.

The button in low right is :

キャラ変更 = Change Character.
一括表示 = See status for all character.
敵状態 = See enemy in map
スキル習得 = Learn Skill. Look below.

You can only choose 3 from that much option. Everytime you choose, the point to
choose again will increase by 20 H-Point. So, it's 40 H-Point in the start, and 80
Point at the end.


Ikusabe Takamaru
Main Hero in Choukousennin Haruka. Born to be Jougenshuu leader generation 23.
His ability is power transfer to his partner through sex. Learn Judo from Kyougen.

Takamori Haruka
Jougenshuu from the past that has been lived for hundred years. Become an elite in
short time under Subaru's training. Came to Japan at present to protect the
Jougenshuu leader, Takamaru. She is kind, beautiful, and considerate to other. She
is really fit to be my wife.

Shihoudou Narika
Kyougen's daughter. A tsundere. She is 3 old younger from Takamaru. One of the
present-in-training Jougenshuu. Have an inferiority complex with Haruka.

Elite Jougenshuu from the past who lose to Hagane Itto. Her left hand has been cut
off from that fight. After that, she is continuously tortured and raped by Noroi
until Noroi came to Japan at present. In that time, Subaru has been brainwashed and
start to attack Haruka and the other. After defeating her, she will return to
Jougenshuu as ally.

Kurogane Akira
An ex-Jougenshuu. Used to be a bodyguard for Takamaru's father, just like Haruka.
Too bad Takamaru's father didn't choose her. Up till now, she still have the feeling
for Takamaru's father. Oh and a note, she won't let anyone "Nakadashi" her except
Takamaru's father.(Oh Shi-!)

Mukuroi Ensai
One of the leader of Noroi. He looks like a ghoul with a sword stuck in his body.

Hagane Itto
One of the leader of Noroi and also Haruka's brother. The strongest Sword Master
who can beat Subaru. He will become one of the Jougenshuu when he defeated.

One of the leader of Noroi who use Scythe as his main weapon. At past, he lose to
Haruka and Subaru, but when he came to Japan at present, he lose again (Huh?) After
Haruka beat him, he will leave Noroi while trying to eliminate Noroi's Curse,
which make him cannot betray Noroi.

Kikyou Dayuu
One of the leader of Noroi. Basically, she is sex maniac. In her tower, lies a lot
of dead man body who died of 'liquid'. (now, that is one of the horrible way to
died...) Kyougen who captured by her almost died too. (In that horrible way too)

Kimonjutsu Kiminadzuki
One of the soldier of Noroi who really hates man. After defeating her, you can
'taste' her to increase Takamaru's Libido.

Kimongen Kiaru MAIL
One of the soldier of Noroi who also have the job as delivering letter.
Also one of the Enemy Girl that can be 'tasted' after defeating her to increase
Takamaru's Libido. Oh, and yes. She is really hot, and loli!

And the others xD. Too lazy to write.


Choukousennin Haruka have a lot of CG and H-Scene. Maybe for the first time playing
this, you will find it disgusting to see Rape Scene of Haruka and the others. But
after some time playing it, I prefer the rape one better than the normal xD My
switch has been flipped I guess.

Better not playing this if you cannot withstand to cum at least 3 times or more. LOL.