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Tales of Heart Article

Tales of Heart

Finally the next Tales Games for NDS after Tales of Innocence!! Damn, they let me down after Tales of Shymphonia - Knight of Ratatosk released for Wii. I don't have Wii DAMNIT!! Oh well.


Tales of Heart's story tell us about Souma user. Souma user has their custom weapon, and upgradeable. They can do "Spir Link", which is almost the same like "Dive" in Ar Tonelico 2. But not just woman, in Tales of Heart, we can do Spir Link to all people, on certain circumstance. For example, a crazy man can be cured by Souma User after doing Spir Link and kills whatever thing in the victim's mind. And there is some legend in this world about "Ibara no Hime" or "Nemuri no Hime (Sleeping Princess)".


There is 2 people being chased till they stopped at a cliff. A woman magician who chase them released her magic, and the 2 people desperately jump to the sea.

In a small town, a man named Shing Meteoryte is doing sword training with his gramps, Zex as a Souma User. Zex is a famous Souma User. A lot of people looking for him to cure their problem. Until supper time is came. Someone came and looking for Zex for help. Zince agrees and leaving Shing behind. Shing who angry at his gramps, going to the sea. There, he found 2 bodies lying in the sand.

Knowing one of them is women, Shing instantly do CPR for her. Too bad, she awake and hit Shing with her fist. The girl scream and the man beside her awake. For some mistake, the man starting to hit Shing again and again. After some time, both of them are searching for Zex. Shing who told them that he is his grandson, make them feel safe and starts to introducing themselves. The women is Kohak Heart, and the man is Hisui Heart, Kohak's brother.

Boring to wait Zex, Hisui ask Shing to guide them to sealed tomb in the town's cliff. In there, Kohak easily open the tomb and get a Souma Weapon, a memento from Shing's Mother. Suddenly, the magician who chase Kohak and Hisui came and attack Kohak's off guard. Kohak fall, and Shing started to attack her. Not so fast, Shing lose. Before magician's last attack hit Shing, Zex who came rushing protect Shing. Shing who shocked in that event, end in berserk and defeat the magician. Both Zex and Kohak who unconsious and hurt carried to Zex's house.

Kohak who cannot regen and regain his mind, make Shing panic. Finally, Shing bravely do "Spir Link" to make Kohak calm. In the "Spir Rune" of Kohak, Shing meet with Lychia, the one who has "Emerald no Kami" or Emerald Hair. After some talks, a monster came and made Shing berserk again. Finally, Shing destroy Kohak's "Spir Rune" to pieces and scattered to all over the world. "Spir Rune" is person's personality and mind. If destroyed, that person became like a doll, who almost cannot talk. In that time too, Zex died after embracing Shing to make up his responsibility after breaking Kohak's Spir Rune. And this is how the story starts.


We can do "Spir Link" to everyone as long as that person has a sleeping green bag in his.

sleeping_bag_icon.jpg (32 KB)

After doing that, we enter the dungeon named "Spir Maze". There is time-limit if you enter, named Link Counter. Normally, after 2 step, time decrease by 1. There is some bag which is Time Gain, but some of it also Time Lose. It's Game Over if the time reach 0, so beware. Our goal is "Link Point". We will continue to next area after entering it. Just continue untill you reach "Spir Rune".

sphere_dungeon_link_and_pointa.jpg (19 KB)

1. Link Point.
2. Link Counter
3. Spir Maze

More importantly, only Souma User who can do "Spir Link". And all your party member will become available after become Souma User. In other words, only Souma User who can fight. Don't worry. They will have their Souma Weapon very soon, while some of it already have 1. Souma Weapon is unique. Almost the same like Dymlos in Tales of Destiny. You can do "Reraise" like Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut too, but here is named "Souma Evolve". Except, you can only "Reraise" your Souma Weapon, not your equipment.

reraise.jpg (49 KB)

And notes, there is no Armor in Tales of Heart. You can only buy Accessories and item. So, to upgrade your status, there is only two way. Level up, or upgrade skill.

Every time you upgrading your weapon, there will be some skill available in your status and you can upgrade using "Souma Build" window. There is 4 type of skills.

skill_1.jpg (47 KB) skill_2.jpg (47 KB)

1. Status Skill/Parameter Skill. Hand Icon.
You can upgrade max HP, max EG, ATK, DEF, etc in some point.

2. Ability Skill. Shoes Icon.
For example like Magic Guard, Rear Guard and etc. Just like AD skill in Tales of the Abyss.

3. Support Skill. Pentagram Icon.
Support skill like Guts, Gain, Poison Attack, and etc. Just like Slot Skill for the Swordian in Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut.

4. Battle Skill. Purple Magic Icon.
Full of Artes and Magic.

But, we cannot upgrade so easily. You need some material for it. Some material can be found in item box, in the road, dropped by monster, or bought in town. This material can be used for make accessories in town if you prefer make not buy it. It's cheaper but some material hard to get xD. It's better if you save it for upgrade skill, though.

Tales of Heart also use the same battle system like Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut. If Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut use CC for MP, Tales of Heart use EG for MP. Almost the same, but more better than CC. Believe me. You can do 50-hit combo just by using 1 skill without using orange gel or waiting your friend. LOL.

We can still use Sorcerer Ring, but there is some new action. We can upgrade Sorcerer Ring 3 times.

sorcerer_ring.jpg (14 KB)

1. Red Flame
Used for burn branch and light torches. You can use it to turn a switch too.

2. Blue Flame
Used for destroying a rock and broke a tree. You can use it to light a ruby and electrical machine too.

3. Unknown.
I dun have yet. xD

Also, there is some item called Heal Energy. It's almost the same like Food Sack in Tales of Destiny, but this effect it's in battle. Not after.

heal_energy.jpg (44 KB)


Shing Meteoryte

shing_stat.jpg (50 KB)

Balance Fighter. Sword User.
Fast, strong, and deadly. This char already godlike even in his level 1. As long as you like to gather item and maxed his artes and stat. His artes is sometimes Fire and Holy.

Kohak Hearts

kohak_hearts.jpg (46 KB)

Farah-like. End story :p But use rod instead of palm.
2nd Best char, or is it because she is cute xD. You can only use her after 11 hour playing, or have completed to regain her "Scared", "Trust and Distrust", "Shyness", and "Bravery" feeling. She can do healing too, much better than her brother, though.

Hisui Heart

hisui2.jpg (21 KB) hisui_stat.jpg (50 KB)

Archer who also mage and healer too. Glove User.
Wohoo!! 3 job combo! Use it and be surprised xD. Hisui use a Glove who can shoot arrow. His magic mostly consist of Wind and Water. If I'm not wrong, he is the only one who can do Nurse.

Berill Bennit

berill_stat.jpg (51 KB) berill.jpg (27 KB)

Loli-Mage. Brush User.
Please don't underestimate a Tsundere Mage. Believe me! She will make you fallen for her tsundere!! Oh SHI-! She is too cuteeee!!! Her magic is the strongest, well she is pure mage after all. Her element is Water and Dark, but can use Earth as well.

berill_tsuntsun.jpg (41 KB)

Inneus Lawrenss

inneus.jpg (30 KB) inneus_stat.jpg (50 KB)

The strongest Attack and highest HP in your member. Her Souma Weapon is like a sword who consist only blades, and gripped at the middle. Inneus's job is Souma's Traveler. Helping troubled person at one town and another. Her carriage is like a house, and she can bring it herself without a sweat.

inneus_carriage.jpg (44 KB)


kunscythe.jpg (23 KB) scythe_stat.jpg (53 KB)

Black-Dual-Swordman. Sword Antenna user.
A used Guardian who already sleep, and awake after Shing and his friend meet him. First, he is considered as an enemy by Hisui. But not so long, Scythe is accepted as their friend. Well, he is still an enemy in my play xD. His personality is unique. His weapon in the back of his head. He is like Gundam Nataku with it's two dragon xD. His magic is Dark of course.


icaross.jpg (26 KB)

The woman magician who chase Hisui and Kohak, but also have orders to kill Zex, and Shing too. After she defeatead by Shing, she starting to after him only. Forgetting her order to kill Hisui and Kohak.

A Souma user who defeated by Shing after he take one of the Kohaku's "Spir Rune". After that, he seek revenge to Shing whenever he go.


richa.jpg (29 KB)

The one who has Emerald no Kami. A form of life who live inside Kohak. Still a big question in my play here, so I can't give you any info.

And a lot of char. xD


This is the greatest, and the best Tales I've ever play. Too bad it's still on Japanese, I still cannot understand all of it. And some skit don't have a voice too. But it's okay. Kohak and Berill is cute enough to entertain me xD. Have fun playing if you have.

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Otome Crisis Article


main.jpg (109 KB)


2008's newest Eroge from GIGA. As usual, since GIGA has been repeatedly releasing Eroge with the same fighting style, this eroge too use it. Almost the same like Baldr series, and all character from Xross Scramble. Yea, you can finally use 'the main heroine in xross'. And there is 2 new character, Princess Puffy and her servant, looks like another cameo from GIGA's old game, but I don't know much. Oh by the way, the one responsible in art is Seiji Kekuchi (Team Baldrhead Illustrator if I’m not wrong) who drew the original char 'Lourie Espret Majram (ローリエ。エスプレット。マジョラム)', and Nekonyan (another illustrator in GIGA) who drew original char 'Hoshizaki Hiiro (星咲緋色)', both are the main heroine in this eroge.

Anyway, you can find the OP lyric in here.


story_route-hiiro.jpg (116 KB) story_route-lourie.jpg (123 KB)

The story divided by 2, You can choose one of the main heroine to finish this game. I choose the Hiiro's route, cos` she is the easiest and deadly for first timer. And because of that, this is my review!!

First route is Hoshizaki Hiiro (星咲緋色), Hero of Justice. Very amusing character I must say. Original character by Nekonyan. She is PDF officer (dun’now the acronym). She is Henshin Hero. Yeah, this girl can henshin! She even scream “Hen~Shin~!!” Oh, the comedy. Oh by the way, Hiiro have a boss. The boss is a.. er.. human.. can this fellow called a human? He always inside a strange pot. He is pervert, likes to make Hiiro n other angry, able to run faster than everyone else >.<. And this fellow just like Sendou Iori in Fortune Arterial. “If he's not around, it's boring!” The Story, Hiiro have a mission to catch a witch. A loli witch precisely. The name is Lourie Espret Majram (ローリエ。エスプレット。マジョラム). She will run from you in the 10 chapter of this game. Just read the story :p Continue to the story,well.. I can’t tell you the detail, but this is ridiculously fun. It’s the first time I’m laughing so much when playing an eroge. Totally real-diculous!! Hiiro has the yuri-pheromone. Yeah. Whenever she finished her henshin, all girl who defeated by her, will suddenly fall in love with her, and actually want to have sex with her. Usually, the victim raped her own friends, and it’s time for us to enjoy. There is no Touma here, lol. Enjoy the yuri! And you will know Lourie's magic from Hiiro's story. She is puppeter magician. She can makes anyone become his minion, and fight for her. Usually, she beat the victim first, then rape her and poof. Easy, huh xD. We can see tentacle n such here, and of course, yuri like always. Call it love. Yes. It is love. Lourie's route is almost the reverse side from Hiiro, but she is very hard to use! Her moves is not godlike like Hiiro. :p

Battle system

fight.jpg (111 KB)

GIGA is kindly gives some new moves here. Because we can use 2 character in battle here. 1 as a main fighter, 1 for reserved as skill finisher. You can use C+X and down to release the special skill using both fighter.

combine_power.jpg (65 KB) combine_power_2.jpg (88 KB)

As usual in this fighting style, to do the special skill, you need at least 2-3 red crystal. The damage is depend, though.

extra_battle.jpg (114 KB)

Aside from Story, there is Extra Battle. And in Extra Battle, there is 4 option, one of it is Course Survival. There is 5 stage to choose, and 1 will open if you finish the stage before it. 1st stage is "Random 5 Battle". 2nd is "Enemies in Hiiro's Route". The story consist of 10 chapter, and 10 fight. So you will fight 10 enemies here. 3rd is "Enemies in Lourie's Route". It's the same like Hiiro. 4th and 5th still not available for me. I wonder what that is. And, you can use the 1st stage for opens all of the char list, because it's random!

Another option in Extra Battle is Free Battle. 1 vs 1 with you and your enemy free to choose. Both of you will level up to 10, with 10 Red Crystal each. So beware. The third option is Watch Battle, you can see how AI's fight, and learn from it. If you bored enough that is xD. The last is Training. Lol, this is starting to look like fighting game, not eroge XD.

Maybe that’s all. Currently training with Lourie. Well, she’s cute, but hard to play. Never finish her Course Survival.. always lose in stage 3 or 4. Damn it.

Well, thanks again to my beloved friend, Niki 4 da game.

Another Problem with Galzoo!!

More Problem!

ALCG0169.jpg (107 KB) ALCG0168.jpg (100 KB)

Both picture is the two optional boss in Galzoo Island. The one in the left is Golden Knight with light saber. From the look of it, it's just some usual monster with decent Hit Point. But when you actually fight it, you start to notice there is something wrong with that monster.

Even though it's just have 29k HP, you can only hurt him with 1 character who at least have 1,5k Strength for 30 DAMAGE! F*CK! With that much HP how long that monster gonna died? And I just have 1 character who actually have that much strength without any equipment. Suck? No, not really. See next boss.

The one in right is Squid Knight. The first time I met with this thing is, "Ooh, what a HP!". Yes, he has 452,3k HP. Really? Look at the picture, damn it! I thought, maybe this boss is not the same like the Golden Knight. Until when I start to hit it.

First Attack, Miss! "Oh Shi- what a misfortune!"

Second Attack, Miss! "Damn, he is quick!"

Third Attack, Miss! "Huh, really?"

Fourth Attack, MISS!! "*&@#^(%)&*HFDJH(*&*(#("

I've been screwed! That bastard is really Boss Class. He at least have 200% of Evade. And with that much Evade %, how the hell I'm gonna hit him?! Once again, I've been SCREWED!!

LOL!! What a misfortune!

Kara no Shoujo Article

[Innocent Grey] Kara no Shoujo

title.jpg (82 KB)
Innocent Grey's Eroge in 2008. Innocent Grey is famous for Gore Scene in it's game. And it getting more and more cruel from before. Because of that, if you cannot withstand Gore, please refrain from playing or reading this article. It have Gore content on it.


Just like Innocent Grey's games, to open a flag in it, is hard, at least for me. You cannot just skip the story, but you must follow the story! 1 mistake and go ahead see a woman so cruely tortured to death untill she can't be called human anymore. Totally fucked up. At first I just want to know the story and system, unfortunately it ends in the same tortured scene for 5 times!! OMG!!! THIS GAME IS SICK!!

1st_blood.jpg (117 KB)

Well, there is sex scene available, but does it enough to makes me forget when the villain pop out the victim's eyes?? The answer is NO!!!! I CAN STILL REMEMBER WHEN THEY POP OUT HER EYES, WHEN THEY MUTILATED HER, AND REMOVING HER WOMB!! OH SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!


Kara no Shoujo is different from another Innocent Grey games. You know detective games, right? For example you enter a house then they give you a picture, and please find item from this list in this picture. It's just like that. Except, you must search the item yourself. The ending will change if you cannot find the appropriate item. So, search carefully.

investigation_1.jpg (106 KB)
investigation_2.jpg (103 KB) investigation_3.jpg (71 KB)

And, since our main hero is a detective, we have a "Notebook". The hero always write all the things he found in this notebook. You can see Character Description, Evidence, Event, Alibi, and Map.

laptop_char.jpg (101 KB)
laptop_correlation_diagram.jpg (136 KB) laptop_evidence.jpg (106 KB)
laptop_map.jpg (104 KB)
laptop_memo.jpg (89 KB)

System will automatically add all of that from your conversation with others. You can see it when the Notebook Icon flashing red.

laptop_flash.jpg (89 KB)

And, you can go to 2 place in a day, so please don't play so much.

map.jpg (104 KB)

Also, you really have to become a detective in this eroge to catch the culprit. Why? We must combine all of the evidence, alibi, event and who is who. After that, the story will continue.

inference_1.jpg (65 KB)
inference_2.jpg (101 KB)

If it's not match, usually you roll back to the choosing window again, but the latter part, you don't have that luxury anymore. Fun, huh?


Kara no Shoujo is literally "Girl in a shell" which become a name for a paint made by Mamiya Shinzo. It's about a girl with a black hair to shoulder in a half black shell, without a hand and a leg. Just head and the body.

kara_no_shoujo.jpg (103 KB)

People consider that painting is god-like. A lot of people interested in it, and there also some extremist who do the same thing like that. What I mean is, he kill some girl and make it like that painting.

Our main hero, Tokisaka Reiji is a detective in murder section. After finished his job, he wants to relax in his home. Too bad, an Inspector Police, his old friend, Uozumi Kyozo also there and asking for Reiji's help to search for a criminal in the mutilation murder in that city. Reiji who thinks the criminal is the same like the one who kills his fiancee, decided to help Uozumi. But, not so long, they found another victim. But this time, it's not brutally mutilated, but.. totally different from the first.

It's eyes and womb has been removed. After that, as a replacement of womb, a black shell was found. But it's limb still attach. Reiji who confused with 2 murder without relation started to search the connection.

The story continues and become more deep and deeper. Can you still calm to end this case while more and more of people become a victim and you HAVE TO look all of the murder scene, or you just click the quit button and uninstall this game. It's your choice. No need to be embarrassed.


There is a lot of character here, and all of it have their own role. So, I just explain some people only.

Tokisaka Reiji
An Ex-police. Regreted his choice become a police while he cannot revenge his fiancee's death. Because of that, he become a detective. After that time, he become lone wolf and desperately search her fiancee's murderer.

Miyama Yukiko
Reiji's fiancee. Funny and interesting woman. Totally match with Reiji if I must say. She only appear in Reiji's past and take a big part in Kara no Shoujo Drama CD - Rokushiki Jiken, when she is brutally murdered.
tunangan.jpg (99 KB)

Tokisaka Yukari
Reiji's sister. She is calm and kind to everyone, and also, her big brother. Always do the house chores. But sometimes, her attitude is so careless. When Reiji see her while changing clothes, SHE DOESN'T MIND AT ALL!!

Kuchiki Toko
The Main heroine in this game. Her face almost the same like the painting in "Kara no Shoujo". Toko only have her mother and uncle. She is in paint club in her school. Her last and final paint can be seen if you get the True End. An adult woman and sometimes wise. And also, her voice is so lovely.. Oh my waifu~~

Uozumi Kyozo
Reiji's Inspector when he still in the police. His body is big and strong, almost like a gangster but kind. Usually fight with Reiji, Shugo and Yukiko while she's still alive.

Takashiro Shugo
Reiji's friend while both of them still in the Police. And he is under Uozumi too. He has 2 sisters, and both of it is weird. Lol.

Natsume Takashiro
A surgery doctor in the city. Shugo's big sister. She use a weird accent. She is great at surgery, but her weird attitude make her a little scary. Reiji, Shugo, and Shugo's little sister are the one who scared by her. Also, she likes to eat takoyaki with her surgery knife.

Nishizono Yui
Her status is 'missing'. But suddenly her body was found with one of the limb missing. She is the first victim in mutilation murder.

Tsukishima Orihime
First flag. Leader of the Student Council. She is straight and carefull. Too bad, she died so horribly. If you wrong at choosing a couples of option from the start, you will get game over while looking she getting tortured to death.

Mizuhara Toko
Kuchiki Toko's close friend, because her last name both pronounced the same. Even though the kanji is different. They in paint club together. Her skill is below Toko though. She is jealous to Reiji because her Toko is slowly started to look at him. She is Mamiya Shinji's fans.

Hazuki Kyoko
The owner of bar and close friend of Reiji and Yukiko. Also Uozumi and Shugo often coming here. They always support each other's job.

Mamiya Shinzo
A painter who famous for his work "Kara no Shoujo". Aside from that, he is a grandpa with an unique personality. Well, all of painter is unique.

Mamiya Shinji
Mamiya Shinzo's grandson. Handsome and skilful. Wants to make a paint as famous as his grandpa.

stella.jpg (116 KB)
Foreign women who search for Mamiya Shinzo's place. She always seen in the museum, where the "Kara no Shoujo" is. Her face is cute and lovely. Her skin so white, tall, and she is one of the women in this game who survived till end. Banzai Bishoujo!!

And there still 30 char left, too bad I'm lazy :p


My impression is the story. 'S' point for that. It was awesome. It can change my expression in a second. From happy to sad, from lust to normal, and etc. Totally awesome. It's the first time I play an eroge with this great story.

And, the most I like is the ending. The "True End", not another xD. Beside that, the OST is top notch. Really match with the story and the situation. Also, Haruka Shimotsuki as the one who sing for the OP is also great. Her "Ruri no Tori" is owning. Whenever I heard that song, instantly my tears fall coz' the story always coming back to me. And it makes me crying.

Anyway, since the Gore scene in this eroge makes the game looks bad, but great story and OST still makes this game so awesome. Kara no Shoujo is one of the best Eroge in my heart.

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Eroge Frenzy!

I have been playing Eroge since I was in senior high school, until now in college. What is Eroge? You can find that in here.

Addicted, that is the correct word for me. Every eroge gives me some unusual-but-satisfying-feeling. I can laugh, crying, or even gives me strength to live, or so desperate that I spent my whole day sleeping, But for some reason, I like it. I can study about human relationship, way of life, how to motivating myself, and of course, way of having s*x, but that is different story xD. I mean, they call it Eroge because there is s*x scene, right? >.>

Anyway, aside from that, I find it more interesting than playing console game or another. Yea, for some people. just clicking 1 button repeatedly and reading the whole script 1 by 1 is suck, but not for me. I like writing stories and usually the story in Eroge is top notch, so I can use some of them to fill in my own stories and maybe someday I'll write a story to become an Eroge. I hope so, unfortunately, my aim is become Eroge programmer, not story writer, yet right now I'm working as storywriter in local eroge developer. We call it Visual Novel, 'cause is it for thirteen, without any s*x scene. If we still call it Eroge, then we must have 1 or more s*x scene in that.

Well, I've been playing for at least more than 30 title so far, from simple low-grade to high. I can't afford to buy all of that, takes a lot of money or so. And the Internet gave me solution for that. You can find almost all of the Eroge that being sold in Japan, in the Internet. As long as you have high-speed connection, then it's piece a cake.

Another thing I have to write is.. There's still a lot of great Eroge waiting for me to play, but the problem is, I DON'T HAVE TIME!! It takes at least 40 hours and above to complete 1 Eroge, and that is just being with 1 heroine. And usually, 1 Eroge have at least 4 heroines. Great, huh? Spent on that for a month without leaving from my room and I'll became a hikikomori for sure. LOL.

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All of lyric has been deleted and moved to my Lyric's blog. You can find all of the lyric there. This way, is easy to control the content. Thank you.

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Choukousennin Haruka Article

[Alicesoft] Choukousennin Haruka

ALCG0475.jpg (81 KB)
An Eroge with almost the same system like Beat Angel Escalayer. Where we must have
sex with one of the main heroines to make her stronger and stronger. This game has
been released at 2008 with Onigiri-kun as the main illustrator. He also an
illustrator for Pastel Chime Continue and Pastel Chime C++

Like before, all of the Kanji here was taken from here.


Choukousennin Haruka told a story about a clan named Jougenshuu who fight with
another clan named Noroi for eternity. Jougenshuu main warrior is always women, and
they are one of the ninja clan.

Hundred years ago, 2 Elite Jougenshuu attacks Noroi's main base. They are Haruka and
Subaru. Two from four Noroi leader, Kikyou Tayu and Orochimaru have been defeated,
and they finally met with Hagane Ittou, the second strongest in Noroi. Jougenshuu
lose, and Subaru lost her left arm. Haruka who survives from the attack leaves the
battle after Subaru's order.

Back at present, in one of school in Japan, a high-school girl named Saginomiya
(it's the sprite of SAIKA for god sake!), an idol in that school gets a confession
from a man named Takamaru. Saginomiya then talks about Takamaru's hobby and to the
fact that Takamaru has 100 Eroge in his computer. (Oh, Shi-!)

ALCG0001.jpg (77 KB)
After Saginomiya decline his offer, Narika, Takamaru's childhood friend came. It
turns out that she is the source of that rumour just now! Takamaru start to cry when
he hear that..

When class is end, all of the student gather at the front of the school building.
There is 1 student who ready to suicide. Takamaru who sees that run to the roof to
stop him. He failed, and able to touch his hand at the last time. But, Takamaru
didn't have the strength to pull him. When they gonna fall together, a girl came and
save them. She calls herself, Haruka.

At Night, Takamaru and Narika always pratice Judo at Narika's Gym under her father,
Kyougen-Sensei. Takamaru and Narika lives in the same house, because Takamaru's
father and Kyougen's sister is husband and wives. They practice together until
suddenly, new teacher came. She is Haruka, the girl who helps Takamaru in the

ALCG0063.jpg (73 KB)
Takamaru starting to have some nasty plan to touch Haruka body. He ask Haruka to
accompany him in a practice. And within a second, Takamaru is flying in the air.
Still not believing what just happen, Takamaru lying still in the floor. Then Narika
who also practice with Haruka also defeated by her.
Night darkens, Narika ask Takamaru to accompany her to buy some drinks. In the
street, they met with some weird Ninja who looking for something. Accidentaly,
Takamaru step in a branch that makes that weird Ninja to spot them and started to
attack them. Suddenly, Haruka came and help them. Haruka who wear Jougenshuu's
clothes attacks but the enemy is start to show up one to another. After some battle,
Haruka start to faint from tiredness. Finally Kyougen came for support. Then,
Haruka takes Takamaru to some quiet place to make him 'do' her.

ALCG0003_copy.jpg (128 KB)
After that, Haruka has been recharged, and in just a second, all enemy has been
eliminated. But, suddenly, the 4 leader of Noroi is came from the past. Orochimaru
moves first to attack Haruka, and Kyougen jumps in to stall Orochimaru. The rest of
it run from the battle. And this is how the story begin.


Like my first writing, it's almost the same like Beat Angel Escalayer. The day is
separated to 3 part.

1. Morning Scene
ALCG0461.jpg (93 KB)
The picture is from Afternoon scene, it's nothing different with Morning Scene.

Explanation :
行動力 = Action Power, count with the amount of dice.

毎ターンの回復量 = The amount of action power restored every day. Equals Libido
divided by 10, rounded down.

鬼畜度 = Kichiku level. --> Beware to bad end. Absolutely never increase this status.

リビドー = Libido level. It's effect in how much dice you get every day.

X 日目 = Date and days.
* Peace Points
* Peace status,
o 平和 = Peaceful (61~99 Peace Points)
o 通常 = Normal (41~60 Peace Points)
o 危険 = Dangerous (1~40 Peace Points)
* Waktu
o 午前 = Morning.
o 午後 = Afternoon.

Every Morning, or Afternoon, you can only choose 1 option :

龍輪功 = Dragon Wheel Technique. This is an option to have sex with Haruka, Narika
and Subaru to restore their H-Point for battle tonight or to upgrade their status.

リビドー上昇 = For increasing Libido. You can use 2 option :
1. Playing Eroge. LOL. It's Alicesoft game if I'm not mistaken.
2. Having seks with the enemy that been captured.

休憩 = Rest (Get 2 Dice)

特訓 = Upgrade Heroines status. Everytime success, the requirement point will
ALCG0478.jpg (95 KB) ALCG0476.jpg (76 KB) ALCG0477.jpg (99 KB)

索敵 = Seeking enemy.

情報・スキル = Info / Skill. Looking the Heroines status, or upgrading their skill or
even look at the enemy in the map.

2. Afternoon Scene
Almost the same like Morning Scene, but usually there will be some conversation with
one of the heroines and there will be 3 option to affect their start.

3. Night Scene
ALCG0467.jpg (62 KB)

This is the battle scene. The option here is very different with the Morning and
Afternoon Scene.

出陣 = Fight the enemy in the map.
* Grey Flame : Enemy that have been killed. Will restore if you use 索敵 in the
Morning or Afternoon Scene.
* Blue Flame : Standard enemy.
* Red Flame : Boss. Beware, if you lose, your heroines will be raped by them.
ALCG0468.jpg (95 KB)
After you choose 1st option, this is the enemy map. Decide for yourself which enemy
you going to kill.

ALCG0474.jpg (91 KB)
Battle System in Choukousennin Haruka. You have 5 action.
1. Weak Attack --> Free
2. Normal Attack --> Use 3 H-Point
3. Moderate Attack --> Use 10 H-Point
4. Strong Attack --> Use 20 H-Point
5. Surrender --> Free

Attack castle. You can choose this if one of the Noroi's Tower has show up.
Explanation below :

ALCG0469.jpg (97 KB)
First, choose who will be invading.

ALCG0470.jpg (78 KB)
Abracadra!! That is the castle!!

ALCG0471.jpg (91 KB)
Usually, there will be 2 Floor and 3 Route. Route 1 is the easiest. Route 2 guarded
with enemy and some treasure box which increase H-Point. Route 3 is the most guarded
by enemy, and there will be a lot of treasure box which increase all of your
heroines status.

Yellow Box = Treasure.
Blue Box = Enemy or trap
Purple Box = Enemy, usually 1 to 3 enemy.
Red Box = Boss
Black Box = Empty

If your H-Point or HP is 0, you will automatically leave the castle.

ALCG0472.jpg (68 KB)
After reaching the red box, you will have 2 Options. Go Back or Fight. If you
choose Fight, you can choose 1 of the character to fight it.
ALCG0473.jpg (86 KB)

Retry challenge, to move twice in a night. You must beat the requirement point in
the screen. Requirement will increase by 1 every time you success.

Recover HP, at the cost of 10 H-Point.
Info / Skill

Continued in Second Post