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Choukousennin Haruka Article

[Alicesoft] Choukousennin Haruka

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An Eroge with almost the same system like Beat Angel Escalayer. Where we must have
sex with one of the main heroines to make her stronger and stronger. This game has
been released at 2008 with Onigiri-kun as the main illustrator. He also an
illustrator for Pastel Chime Continue and Pastel Chime C++

Like before, all of the Kanji here was taken from here.


Choukousennin Haruka told a story about a clan named Jougenshuu who fight with
another clan named Noroi for eternity. Jougenshuu main warrior is always women, and
they are one of the ninja clan.

Hundred years ago, 2 Elite Jougenshuu attacks Noroi's main base. They are Haruka and
Subaru. Two from four Noroi leader, Kikyou Tayu and Orochimaru have been defeated,
and they finally met with Hagane Ittou, the second strongest in Noroi. Jougenshuu
lose, and Subaru lost her left arm. Haruka who survives from the attack leaves the
battle after Subaru's order.

Back at present, in one of school in Japan, a high-school girl named Saginomiya
(it's the sprite of SAIKA for god sake!), an idol in that school gets a confession
from a man named Takamaru. Saginomiya then talks about Takamaru's hobby and to the
fact that Takamaru has 100 Eroge in his computer. (Oh, Shi-!)

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After Saginomiya decline his offer, Narika, Takamaru's childhood friend came. It
turns out that she is the source of that rumour just now! Takamaru start to cry when
he hear that..

When class is end, all of the student gather at the front of the school building.
There is 1 student who ready to suicide. Takamaru who sees that run to the roof to
stop him. He failed, and able to touch his hand at the last time. But, Takamaru
didn't have the strength to pull him. When they gonna fall together, a girl came and
save them. She calls herself, Haruka.

At Night, Takamaru and Narika always pratice Judo at Narika's Gym under her father,
Kyougen-Sensei. Takamaru and Narika lives in the same house, because Takamaru's
father and Kyougen's sister is husband and wives. They practice together until
suddenly, new teacher came. She is Haruka, the girl who helps Takamaru in the

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Takamaru starting to have some nasty plan to touch Haruka body. He ask Haruka to
accompany him in a practice. And within a second, Takamaru is flying in the air.
Still not believing what just happen, Takamaru lying still in the floor. Then Narika
who also practice with Haruka also defeated by her.
Night darkens, Narika ask Takamaru to accompany her to buy some drinks. In the
street, they met with some weird Ninja who looking for something. Accidentaly,
Takamaru step in a branch that makes that weird Ninja to spot them and started to
attack them. Suddenly, Haruka came and help them. Haruka who wear Jougenshuu's
clothes attacks but the enemy is start to show up one to another. After some battle,
Haruka start to faint from tiredness. Finally Kyougen came for support. Then,
Haruka takes Takamaru to some quiet place to make him 'do' her.

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After that, Haruka has been recharged, and in just a second, all enemy has been
eliminated. But, suddenly, the 4 leader of Noroi is came from the past. Orochimaru
moves first to attack Haruka, and Kyougen jumps in to stall Orochimaru. The rest of
it run from the battle. And this is how the story begin.


Like my first writing, it's almost the same like Beat Angel Escalayer. The day is
separated to 3 part.

1. Morning Scene
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The picture is from Afternoon scene, it's nothing different with Morning Scene.

Explanation :
行動力 = Action Power, count with the amount of dice.

毎ターンの回復量 = The amount of action power restored every day. Equals Libido
divided by 10, rounded down.

鬼畜度 = Kichiku level. --> Beware to bad end. Absolutely never increase this status.

リビドー = Libido level. It's effect in how much dice you get every day.

X 日目 = Date and days.
* Peace Points
* Peace status,
o 平和 = Peaceful (61~99 Peace Points)
o 通常 = Normal (41~60 Peace Points)
o 危険 = Dangerous (1~40 Peace Points)
* Waktu
o 午前 = Morning.
o 午後 = Afternoon.

Every Morning, or Afternoon, you can only choose 1 option :

龍輪功 = Dragon Wheel Technique. This is an option to have sex with Haruka, Narika
and Subaru to restore their H-Point for battle tonight or to upgrade their status.

リビドー上昇 = For increasing Libido. You can use 2 option :
1. Playing Eroge. LOL. It's Alicesoft game if I'm not mistaken.
2. Having seks with the enemy that been captured.

休憩 = Rest (Get 2 Dice)

特訓 = Upgrade Heroines status. Everytime success, the requirement point will
ALCG0478.jpg (95 KB) ALCG0476.jpg (76 KB) ALCG0477.jpg (99 KB)

索敵 = Seeking enemy.

情報・スキル = Info / Skill. Looking the Heroines status, or upgrading their skill or
even look at the enemy in the map.

2. Afternoon Scene
Almost the same like Morning Scene, but usually there will be some conversation with
one of the heroines and there will be 3 option to affect their start.

3. Night Scene
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This is the battle scene. The option here is very different with the Morning and
Afternoon Scene.

出陣 = Fight the enemy in the map.
* Grey Flame : Enemy that have been killed. Will restore if you use 索敵 in the
Morning or Afternoon Scene.
* Blue Flame : Standard enemy.
* Red Flame : Boss. Beware, if you lose, your heroines will be raped by them.
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After you choose 1st option, this is the enemy map. Decide for yourself which enemy
you going to kill.

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Battle System in Choukousennin Haruka. You have 5 action.
1. Weak Attack --> Free
2. Normal Attack --> Use 3 H-Point
3. Moderate Attack --> Use 10 H-Point
4. Strong Attack --> Use 20 H-Point
5. Surrender --> Free

Attack castle. You can choose this if one of the Noroi's Tower has show up.
Explanation below :

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First, choose who will be invading.

ALCG0470.jpg (78 KB)
Abracadra!! That is the castle!!

ALCG0471.jpg (91 KB)
Usually, there will be 2 Floor and 3 Route. Route 1 is the easiest. Route 2 guarded
with enemy and some treasure box which increase H-Point. Route 3 is the most guarded
by enemy, and there will be a lot of treasure box which increase all of your
heroines status.

Yellow Box = Treasure.
Blue Box = Enemy or trap
Purple Box = Enemy, usually 1 to 3 enemy.
Red Box = Boss
Black Box = Empty

If your H-Point or HP is 0, you will automatically leave the castle.

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After reaching the red box, you will have 2 Options. Go Back or Fight. If you
choose Fight, you can choose 1 of the character to fight it.
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Retry challenge, to move twice in a night. You must beat the requirement point in
the screen. Requirement will increase by 1 every time you success.

Recover HP, at the cost of 10 H-Point.
Info / Skill

Continued in Second Post

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