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Tales of Heart Article

Tales of Heart

Finally the next Tales Games for NDS after Tales of Innocence!! Damn, they let me down after Tales of Shymphonia - Knight of Ratatosk released for Wii. I don't have Wii DAMNIT!! Oh well.


Tales of Heart's story tell us about Souma user. Souma user has their custom weapon, and upgradeable. They can do "Spir Link", which is almost the same like "Dive" in Ar Tonelico 2. But not just woman, in Tales of Heart, we can do Spir Link to all people, on certain circumstance. For example, a crazy man can be cured by Souma User after doing Spir Link and kills whatever thing in the victim's mind. And there is some legend in this world about "Ibara no Hime" or "Nemuri no Hime (Sleeping Princess)".


There is 2 people being chased till they stopped at a cliff. A woman magician who chase them released her magic, and the 2 people desperately jump to the sea.

In a small town, a man named Shing Meteoryte is doing sword training with his gramps, Zex as a Souma User. Zex is a famous Souma User. A lot of people looking for him to cure their problem. Until supper time is came. Someone came and looking for Zex for help. Zince agrees and leaving Shing behind. Shing who angry at his gramps, going to the sea. There, he found 2 bodies lying in the sand.

Knowing one of them is women, Shing instantly do CPR for her. Too bad, she awake and hit Shing with her fist. The girl scream and the man beside her awake. For some mistake, the man starting to hit Shing again and again. After some time, both of them are searching for Zex. Shing who told them that he is his grandson, make them feel safe and starts to introducing themselves. The women is Kohak Heart, and the man is Hisui Heart, Kohak's brother.

Boring to wait Zex, Hisui ask Shing to guide them to sealed tomb in the town's cliff. In there, Kohak easily open the tomb and get a Souma Weapon, a memento from Shing's Mother. Suddenly, the magician who chase Kohak and Hisui came and attack Kohak's off guard. Kohak fall, and Shing started to attack her. Not so fast, Shing lose. Before magician's last attack hit Shing, Zex who came rushing protect Shing. Shing who shocked in that event, end in berserk and defeat the magician. Both Zex and Kohak who unconsious and hurt carried to Zex's house.

Kohak who cannot regen and regain his mind, make Shing panic. Finally, Shing bravely do "Spir Link" to make Kohak calm. In the "Spir Rune" of Kohak, Shing meet with Lychia, the one who has "Emerald no Kami" or Emerald Hair. After some talks, a monster came and made Shing berserk again. Finally, Shing destroy Kohak's "Spir Rune" to pieces and scattered to all over the world. "Spir Rune" is person's personality and mind. If destroyed, that person became like a doll, who almost cannot talk. In that time too, Zex died after embracing Shing to make up his responsibility after breaking Kohak's Spir Rune. And this is how the story starts.


We can do "Spir Link" to everyone as long as that person has a sleeping green bag in his.

sleeping_bag_icon.jpg (32 KB)

After doing that, we enter the dungeon named "Spir Maze". There is time-limit if you enter, named Link Counter. Normally, after 2 step, time decrease by 1. There is some bag which is Time Gain, but some of it also Time Lose. It's Game Over if the time reach 0, so beware. Our goal is "Link Point". We will continue to next area after entering it. Just continue untill you reach "Spir Rune".

sphere_dungeon_link_and_pointa.jpg (19 KB)

1. Link Point.
2. Link Counter
3. Spir Maze

More importantly, only Souma User who can do "Spir Link". And all your party member will become available after become Souma User. In other words, only Souma User who can fight. Don't worry. They will have their Souma Weapon very soon, while some of it already have 1. Souma Weapon is unique. Almost the same like Dymlos in Tales of Destiny. You can do "Reraise" like Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut too, but here is named "Souma Evolve". Except, you can only "Reraise" your Souma Weapon, not your equipment.

reraise.jpg (49 KB)

And notes, there is no Armor in Tales of Heart. You can only buy Accessories and item. So, to upgrade your status, there is only two way. Level up, or upgrade skill.

Every time you upgrading your weapon, there will be some skill available in your status and you can upgrade using "Souma Build" window. There is 4 type of skills.

skill_1.jpg (47 KB) skill_2.jpg (47 KB)

1. Status Skill/Parameter Skill. Hand Icon.
You can upgrade max HP, max EG, ATK, DEF, etc in some point.

2. Ability Skill. Shoes Icon.
For example like Magic Guard, Rear Guard and etc. Just like AD skill in Tales of the Abyss.

3. Support Skill. Pentagram Icon.
Support skill like Guts, Gain, Poison Attack, and etc. Just like Slot Skill for the Swordian in Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut.

4. Battle Skill. Purple Magic Icon.
Full of Artes and Magic.

But, we cannot upgrade so easily. You need some material for it. Some material can be found in item box, in the road, dropped by monster, or bought in town. This material can be used for make accessories in town if you prefer make not buy it. It's cheaper but some material hard to get xD. It's better if you save it for upgrade skill, though.

Tales of Heart also use the same battle system like Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut. If Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut use CC for MP, Tales of Heart use EG for MP. Almost the same, but more better than CC. Believe me. You can do 50-hit combo just by using 1 skill without using orange gel or waiting your friend. LOL.

We can still use Sorcerer Ring, but there is some new action. We can upgrade Sorcerer Ring 3 times.

sorcerer_ring.jpg (14 KB)

1. Red Flame
Used for burn branch and light torches. You can use it to turn a switch too.

2. Blue Flame
Used for destroying a rock and broke a tree. You can use it to light a ruby and electrical machine too.

3. Unknown.
I dun have yet. xD

Also, there is some item called Heal Energy. It's almost the same like Food Sack in Tales of Destiny, but this effect it's in battle. Not after.

heal_energy.jpg (44 KB)


Shing Meteoryte

shing_stat.jpg (50 KB)

Balance Fighter. Sword User.
Fast, strong, and deadly. This char already godlike even in his level 1. As long as you like to gather item and maxed his artes and stat. His artes is sometimes Fire and Holy.

Kohak Hearts

kohak_hearts.jpg (46 KB)

Farah-like. End story :p But use rod instead of palm.
2nd Best char, or is it because she is cute xD. You can only use her after 11 hour playing, or have completed to regain her "Scared", "Trust and Distrust", "Shyness", and "Bravery" feeling. She can do healing too, much better than her brother, though.

Hisui Heart

hisui2.jpg (21 KB) hisui_stat.jpg (50 KB)

Archer who also mage and healer too. Glove User.
Wohoo!! 3 job combo! Use it and be surprised xD. Hisui use a Glove who can shoot arrow. His magic mostly consist of Wind and Water. If I'm not wrong, he is the only one who can do Nurse.

Berill Bennit

berill_stat.jpg (51 KB) berill.jpg (27 KB)

Loli-Mage. Brush User.
Please don't underestimate a Tsundere Mage. Believe me! She will make you fallen for her tsundere!! Oh SHI-! She is too cuteeee!!! Her magic is the strongest, well she is pure mage after all. Her element is Water and Dark, but can use Earth as well.

berill_tsuntsun.jpg (41 KB)

Inneus Lawrenss

inneus.jpg (30 KB) inneus_stat.jpg (50 KB)

The strongest Attack and highest HP in your member. Her Souma Weapon is like a sword who consist only blades, and gripped at the middle. Inneus's job is Souma's Traveler. Helping troubled person at one town and another. Her carriage is like a house, and she can bring it herself without a sweat.

inneus_carriage.jpg (44 KB)


kunscythe.jpg (23 KB) scythe_stat.jpg (53 KB)

Black-Dual-Swordman. Sword Antenna user.
A used Guardian who already sleep, and awake after Shing and his friend meet him. First, he is considered as an enemy by Hisui. But not so long, Scythe is accepted as their friend. Well, he is still an enemy in my play xD. His personality is unique. His weapon in the back of his head. He is like Gundam Nataku with it's two dragon xD. His magic is Dark of course.


icaross.jpg (26 KB)

The woman magician who chase Hisui and Kohak, but also have orders to kill Zex, and Shing too. After she defeatead by Shing, she starting to after him only. Forgetting her order to kill Hisui and Kohak.

A Souma user who defeated by Shing after he take one of the Kohaku's "Spir Rune". After that, he seek revenge to Shing whenever he go.


richa.jpg (29 KB)

The one who has Emerald no Kami. A form of life who live inside Kohak. Still a big question in my play here, so I can't give you any info.

And a lot of char. xD


This is the greatest, and the best Tales I've ever play. Too bad it's still on Japanese, I still cannot understand all of it. And some skit don't have a voice too. But it's okay. Kohak and Berill is cute enough to entertain me xD. Have fun playing if you have.

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