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Kara no Shoujo Article

[Innocent Grey] Kara no Shoujo

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Innocent Grey's Eroge in 2008. Innocent Grey is famous for Gore Scene in it's game. And it getting more and more cruel from before. Because of that, if you cannot withstand Gore, please refrain from playing or reading this article. It have Gore content on it.


Just like Innocent Grey's games, to open a flag in it, is hard, at least for me. You cannot just skip the story, but you must follow the story! 1 mistake and go ahead see a woman so cruely tortured to death untill she can't be called human anymore. Totally fucked up. At first I just want to know the story and system, unfortunately it ends in the same tortured scene for 5 times!! OMG!!! THIS GAME IS SICK!!

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Well, there is sex scene available, but does it enough to makes me forget when the villain pop out the victim's eyes?? The answer is NO!!!! I CAN STILL REMEMBER WHEN THEY POP OUT HER EYES, WHEN THEY MUTILATED HER, AND REMOVING HER WOMB!! OH SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!


Kara no Shoujo is different from another Innocent Grey games. You know detective games, right? For example you enter a house then they give you a picture, and please find item from this list in this picture. It's just like that. Except, you must search the item yourself. The ending will change if you cannot find the appropriate item. So, search carefully.

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And, since our main hero is a detective, we have a "Notebook". The hero always write all the things he found in this notebook. You can see Character Description, Evidence, Event, Alibi, and Map.

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System will automatically add all of that from your conversation with others. You can see it when the Notebook Icon flashing red.

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And, you can go to 2 place in a day, so please don't play so much.

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Also, you really have to become a detective in this eroge to catch the culprit. Why? We must combine all of the evidence, alibi, event and who is who. After that, the story will continue.

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If it's not match, usually you roll back to the choosing window again, but the latter part, you don't have that luxury anymore. Fun, huh?


Kara no Shoujo is literally "Girl in a shell" which become a name for a paint made by Mamiya Shinzo. It's about a girl with a black hair to shoulder in a half black shell, without a hand and a leg. Just head and the body.

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People consider that painting is god-like. A lot of people interested in it, and there also some extremist who do the same thing like that. What I mean is, he kill some girl and make it like that painting.

Our main hero, Tokisaka Reiji is a detective in murder section. After finished his job, he wants to relax in his home. Too bad, an Inspector Police, his old friend, Uozumi Kyozo also there and asking for Reiji's help to search for a criminal in the mutilation murder in that city. Reiji who thinks the criminal is the same like the one who kills his fiancee, decided to help Uozumi. But, not so long, they found another victim. But this time, it's not brutally mutilated, but.. totally different from the first.

It's eyes and womb has been removed. After that, as a replacement of womb, a black shell was found. But it's limb still attach. Reiji who confused with 2 murder without relation started to search the connection.

The story continues and become more deep and deeper. Can you still calm to end this case while more and more of people become a victim and you HAVE TO look all of the murder scene, or you just click the quit button and uninstall this game. It's your choice. No need to be embarrassed.


There is a lot of character here, and all of it have their own role. So, I just explain some people only.

Tokisaka Reiji
An Ex-police. Regreted his choice become a police while he cannot revenge his fiancee's death. Because of that, he become a detective. After that time, he become lone wolf and desperately search her fiancee's murderer.

Miyama Yukiko
Reiji's fiancee. Funny and interesting woman. Totally match with Reiji if I must say. She only appear in Reiji's past and take a big part in Kara no Shoujo Drama CD - Rokushiki Jiken, when she is brutally murdered.
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Tokisaka Yukari
Reiji's sister. She is calm and kind to everyone, and also, her big brother. Always do the house chores. But sometimes, her attitude is so careless. When Reiji see her while changing clothes, SHE DOESN'T MIND AT ALL!!

Kuchiki Toko
The Main heroine in this game. Her face almost the same like the painting in "Kara no Shoujo". Toko only have her mother and uncle. She is in paint club in her school. Her last and final paint can be seen if you get the True End. An adult woman and sometimes wise. And also, her voice is so lovely.. Oh my waifu~~

Uozumi Kyozo
Reiji's Inspector when he still in the police. His body is big and strong, almost like a gangster but kind. Usually fight with Reiji, Shugo and Yukiko while she's still alive.

Takashiro Shugo
Reiji's friend while both of them still in the Police. And he is under Uozumi too. He has 2 sisters, and both of it is weird. Lol.

Natsume Takashiro
A surgery doctor in the city. Shugo's big sister. She use a weird accent. She is great at surgery, but her weird attitude make her a little scary. Reiji, Shugo, and Shugo's little sister are the one who scared by her. Also, she likes to eat takoyaki with her surgery knife.

Nishizono Yui
Her status is 'missing'. But suddenly her body was found with one of the limb missing. She is the first victim in mutilation murder.

Tsukishima Orihime
First flag. Leader of the Student Council. She is straight and carefull. Too bad, she died so horribly. If you wrong at choosing a couples of option from the start, you will get game over while looking she getting tortured to death.

Mizuhara Toko
Kuchiki Toko's close friend, because her last name both pronounced the same. Even though the kanji is different. They in paint club together. Her skill is below Toko though. She is jealous to Reiji because her Toko is slowly started to look at him. She is Mamiya Shinji's fans.

Hazuki Kyoko
The owner of bar and close friend of Reiji and Yukiko. Also Uozumi and Shugo often coming here. They always support each other's job.

Mamiya Shinzo
A painter who famous for his work "Kara no Shoujo". Aside from that, he is a grandpa with an unique personality. Well, all of painter is unique.

Mamiya Shinji
Mamiya Shinzo's grandson. Handsome and skilful. Wants to make a paint as famous as his grandpa.

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Foreign women who search for Mamiya Shinzo's place. She always seen in the museum, where the "Kara no Shoujo" is. Her face is cute and lovely. Her skin so white, tall, and she is one of the women in this game who survived till end. Banzai Bishoujo!!

And there still 30 char left, too bad I'm lazy :p


My impression is the story. 'S' point for that. It was awesome. It can change my expression in a second. From happy to sad, from lust to normal, and etc. Totally awesome. It's the first time I play an eroge with this great story.

And, the most I like is the ending. The "True End", not another xD. Beside that, the OST is top notch. Really match with the story and the situation. Also, Haruka Shimotsuki as the one who sing for the OP is also great. Her "Ruri no Tori" is owning. Whenever I heard that song, instantly my tears fall coz' the story always coming back to me. And it makes me crying.

Anyway, since the Gore scene in this eroge makes the game looks bad, but great story and OST still makes this game so awesome. Kara no Shoujo is one of the best Eroge in my heart.

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