Jumat, 23 Januari 2009

Another Problem with Galzoo!!

More Problem!

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Both picture is the two optional boss in Galzoo Island. The one in the left is Golden Knight with light saber. From the look of it, it's just some usual monster with decent Hit Point. But when you actually fight it, you start to notice there is something wrong with that monster.

Even though it's just have 29k HP, you can only hurt him with 1 character who at least have 1,5k Strength for 30 DAMAGE! F*CK! With that much HP how long that monster gonna died? And I just have 1 character who actually have that much strength without any equipment. Suck? No, not really. See next boss.

The one in right is Squid Knight. The first time I met with this thing is, "Ooh, what a HP!". Yes, he has 452,3k HP. Really? Look at the picture, damn it! I thought, maybe this boss is not the same like the Golden Knight. Until when I start to hit it.

First Attack, Miss! "Oh Shi- what a misfortune!"

Second Attack, Miss! "Damn, he is quick!"

Third Attack, Miss! "Huh, really?"

Fourth Attack, MISS!! "*&@#^(%)&*HFDJH(*&*(#("

I've been screwed! That bastard is really Boss Class. He at least have 200% of Evade. And with that much Evade %, how the hell I'm gonna hit him?! Once again, I've been SCREWED!!

LOL!! What a misfortune!

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