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Galzoo Island Article

[Alicesoft] Galzoo Island
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Time-limit-dungeon-exploring-rpg Eroge that released at 2005. This Eroge made the
player to actually think what action they use in the given time, or you will be
regret your decision.

Title picture will differ each time you have sex with the Girl Monster. That is my
title picture now. xD Oh, and all of the Kanji taken from here by their permission.


Leopald Maara(レオ パルド・マーら)who raised by the legendary Mamono Tsukai
(Demon User), Bacchi is the main hero. When he is studying, came along a bird who
talks and asking for help. Leo decided to help and meet with a girl who call herself,
Captain Vanilla. Leo recognise her as Girl Monster(女の子モンスター), and she is
calling for help. Vanila mistaken Leo as Bacchi and kidnap him to the Island where
Vanilla lives.

At that Island, Leo meet with another Girl Monster, Kusushi. They told Leo about this
Island, Paradise Island is ruled by squid monster, Ika Danshaku. He is looking for
his bride, and for that he kidnap a lot of Girl Monster that will be chosen 1 of
them by him. But Ika Danshaku always taste them one at a time, and that's how he is
being hated by all of the Girl Monster. To counter some unnecessary problem, Ika
Danshaku made 3 curse, they are :

1. The Girl Monster won't die.
2. The Girl Monster cannot labour.
3. The Girl Monster cannot leave this island.

After some long explanation, Leo finally gonna make Kusushi and Vanilla become his
familiar. But, it failed and it turns out that Leo is a disciple of Bacchi, not
Bacchi himself. Leo still want to help them, and decided to attack Ika Danshaku. But
just 1 attack, Leo is defeated. And Ika Danshaku start to 'taste' Vanilla and Kusushi

The quest of Leo in his trainind and to find all of the Girl Monster start after that.


You can choose "Normal Mode" atau "Easy Mode" at the start. For Easy Mode, you will
not Game Over if your time is up, but automatically roll back a day. But you cannot
tame all of the Girl Monster..

There is patch for Hard Mode, but I can't find it anywhere...

Anyway, if you didn't enter a dungeon until 10 o'clock at the morning, that day will
end. So, choose your action carefully.

A day in this game consist of 4 session :

1. Morning Scene
Morning Event, when one of the Girl Monster is pregnant or change from child to
adult or vice versa.

2. Dungeon Exploring

3. Afternoon Scene
Afternoon Event. It happens in the Dungeon and usually everyday at 12 o'clock.

4. Night Scene

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You can choose one of the Girl Monster' icon to start a H-Scene or just some event.

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This is the Battle System in Galzoo Island.

ALCG0106.jpg (137 KB)
Party Screen.
Explanation :
Evasion (回避力), Physical Resistance (防御力) and Magical Resistance (魔低力)
Beside that is Resistance Status. And below is Total HP of Leo and the other.

ALCG0109.jpg (129 KB)
Status Screen.

In party, you can bring 8 Girl Monster with you. 4 in Active Mode and and the other
4 in Reserve Mode. If you want to change party, choose their last option in their
picture. But remember, you cannot use that character again at that day. Usually used
when they sick or tired. An extra icon will show at their picture. Blue -_- icon
means tired, and red x_x means sick. Give her medicine soon or choose Kusushi Icon
at Night Scnee. But you will spent your night scene just for healing them.

There is Special Attack, the second skill in Leo's Attack. You can only use 3 times
in 1 day, but this skill makes all of your party attack together for greater damage.
And there is some combination that will made some Girl Monster's Special Skill,
they are :

* Yama no Sachi + Umi no Sachi
* Vanilla + Kusushi
* Sketch + Yamorin
* KyanKyan + Sulphur
* Yamorin + Valkyrie
* Sexy Knight + Touko-chan
* Konte + ChapuChapu
* Nekomatamata + Kaminari Daikou
* Kotodama + KameKo + Chouchin
* Sour + Hebi-san + Kotodama
* Valkyrie + Battle Note + Kaminari Daikou
* ChapuChapu + Death-Ko (2nd playthrough girl)
* Touko-chan + Rapunzel + Kamikaze (both 2nd playthrough girl)
* Two from : Maid-san, Zukappa and Harimao
* Two from : Sour, Frozen, Magician.

Leo can only level up at Vanilla Shop, so don't forget to level him up. And for
everytime Leo level up, all affection level of Girl Monster will increase by 1 in
your Active or Rerverse Mode.

Everytime doing H-Scene with the Girl Monster, you can choose 1 from 7 M Potion.
This Potion is needed to safely accepted Man's sperm because Girl Monster will died
if they taken it. And that potion too is needed to power up your Girl Monster.
Everytime you "nakadashi", that Girl Monster will pregnant, and because of second
curse, that Girl Monster will reincarnated to child form. After 3 days they will
return to adult. You can only use 7 Potion to 1 Girl, so you can only power up them
7 times. Don't ever use the same M Potion or your Girl Monster will change to Child
without power up.

ALCG0123.jpg (124 KB)
Power UP Screen
From up to below :

1. Obtain Battle Skill
Every Girl Monster have their own Battle Skill. For example Full Gift from Battle
Note that increase all stat for 2% every time battle start. You can only choose this
option once.

2. Skill 1 UP
3. Skill 2 UP
Every Girl Monster has 2 Attack Skill. This option will upgrade their both skill.
Only once.

4. Fire Resistance UP
5. Water Resistance UP
6. Lightning Resistance UP
7. Holy Resistance UP
8. Dark Resistance UP
Just like it's name. You can choose this option until their Resistance maxed out.

9. Evasion Status UP by 30%
10. Physical Defense Status UP by 30%
11. Magical Defense Status UP by 30%
Just like it's name. You can choose this option forever.

12. Usage Skill 1 UP
13. Usage Skill 2 UP
To increase the usage of attack skill 1 and 2. You can choose this option forever.

There is 7 M Potion, and separate in 2 Type :

1. Small M Potion
There is 7 colour. This potion can be mad in Kusushi's Medicine Shop. The ingredient
can be collected in the Dungeon. The effect to Girl Monster is :
HP increase by10, Physical and Magical Attack increase by 2.

2. Concentrated M Potion
There is 7 colour. This potion need 3 Small M Potion to make it. The effect is :
HP increase by 100, Physical and Magical Attack increase by 20.

Continued in Second Post.

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