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Galzoo Island Article - Part 2


There is 10 Dungeon in this game, and the tenth is the bonus dungeon that only
availabe at 2nd Play. This game will count at day 1. Everytime you access 1 Dungeon,
the time limit will start. Ika Danshaku always choose 1 from 3 Girl Monster in the
Dungeon where you were. And he will have the wedding at day 7. If you slow, that
monster will taken by Ika Danshaku, and enjoy your Game Over. Later, daughter of
Bacchi, Elina will came also, and you will have your rival. Ika Danshaku won't
capture it again, but she is. You can shorten your quest by capture the target fast,
and you have your free day to do in the next dungeon.

That is the cycle to 8th Dungeon. The 9th is Final Dungeon, and you only have 3
days, not a week anymore. So, gud luk.


Dungeon Map in Galzoo like DOOM and RPG from the ancient time. Where we can only
moves to front, left, right, and behind. There is Random Battle, and there is a
Monster Icon in the map. Red Hanii Icon in the map is enemy. Green Star Icon is
Treasure, you will get random ingredient in that place. Blue Star Icon is Event.
You will get some event there. Heart Icon is where you will find your Girl Monster.

Map in Galzoo also have some dangerous tile. Like Poison Tile, Mushroom Tile, Water
Tile, Trap Tile, Arrow Tile, Falling Tile, and Darkness Tile. Poison Tile is making
your HP become half. Mushroom Tile will make 1 of your Girl will leave. Water Tile
can only be accessed by Water Type Girl Monster because they lies underwater. Trap
Tile is more dangerous than Mushroom Tile. Trap Tile will make all of your Girl
leave. But when Leo is alone, Trap Tile will explode. Arrow Tile is just makes Leo
moves randomly. Falling Tile will make Leo fall down and you must find your way back
to above. (What a pain..) Darkness Tile isn't really dangerous, it just make you
cannot see map. But be careful because another tile can be placed here, and they


You will need an item named Capture Rope to catch Girl Monster. Every Girl Monster
have different amount of Hearts, but if they defeated by Leo, their Hearts will
reduce by 1. Use your Rope wisely.

1. Capture Rope
The weakest and cheapest Rope. It's only 1-3 Hearts.

2. Strong Capture Rope
Strong Rope but you need 6 times more ingredient. The effect is awesome thought, a
whooping 3-5 Hearts.

3. Spirit Capture Rope
Special Rope for capturing Ghost Type Girl Monster. You only need 1 of this.

Some Girl Monster won't need rope, but you at least have 2 to each rope for spare.


ALCG0171.jpg (116 KB)
Item in Galzoo can be made in Kusushi's Medicine Shop. The list of item can be made
will change accordingly by odd and even day. You cannot make equipment, you must
find enemy RARE DROP to get it.

The other item can be bought at alien shop, Pluppet.
ALCG0110.jpg (108 KB)
This is the place where you will spent your money.

Oh, a note. Every Girl Monster have their own equipment with their own face.
This equipment can upgrade their status, but it's hard to find!!!

Girl Monster

There is 30 Girl Monster in this Island, and the last third can only be captured at
2nd Play. There is 1 special Girl Monster that you will end up regretting for
capture her. So, DON'T EVER CAPTURE HER! Believe me!

Everyone has different status and skills. I can't write all of it, if you want,
read it all in here.

Every Girl Monster have different Affection Point and usually have 3 steps.
Sometimes only 2 steps, like Kaminari Daikou and Battle Note.

Part 1 : Introduction
Usually 3-8 Affection Point. After collected and chosen, you will become close
with that Girl Monster.

Part 2 : Inner
Usually 3-9 Affection Point. After collected and chosen, you will have your first

Part 3 : Forever
Usually 4-9 Point. H-Scene for the second time and the rest. You need to collect
their Affection Point again to do it more, thought.

Affection Point will increase by 1 randomly after battle, when Leo level up,
random event in Dungeon, or Map event.


ALCG0105a.jpg (124 KB)
This is the map when all of it has been opened.

1. Basecamp, a battleship named "Nippon". From up text is "Deck", where Pluppet
sells his thing. The middle one is Kusuhi's Medicine Shop, and the last is Vanilla
Level Up Shop.

2. 近くの森 ( Close by Forest )
1st Dungeon. There is 3 Girl Monster here, they are Kyankyan, Maid-san, and

3. 謎の巨大石像 ( Statue of Freedom )
2nd Dungeon. There is 3 Girl Monster here, they are *Sketch, ^Sexy Knight, and

4. 岬 ( Cliff )
3th Dungeon. There is 4 Girl Monster here, they are *Yama no Sachi, ^Kameko and

5. ピラミッド ( Pyramid )
4th Dungeon. There is 3 Girl Monster here, they are *Cho-Chin, *Frozen, and

6. 砂浜 ( Beach )
5th Dungeon. There is 4 Girl Monster here, they are Kusushi, *Chappuchappu,
*Zukappa, and Umi no Sachi (Secret char).

7. 霧の森 ( Foggy Forest )
6th Dungeon. There is 4 Girl Monster here, they are *Magician, *Kotodama,
*Hebi-san and Hazure Onna (DON'T EVER GET THIS THING!).

8. 万里の長城 ( Great Wall )
7th Dungeon. There is 3 Girl Monster here, they are *Toukou-chan, *Sulphur, and

9. 火山 ( Volcano )
8th Dungeon. There is 3 Girl Monster that can be obtained here. They are Valkyrie,
Kaminari Daikou, and *Battle Note.

10. イカ御殿 ( Ika's Palace )
9th Dungeon or you can said Final Dungeon. You can tame Rapunzel, Death-ko and
Kamikaze that can be obtained at 2nd Play.

11. エリナのテント ( Elina's Tent )
Bonus Dungeon in 2nd Play. Best Equipment for Leo can be obtained here. Yea, I'm
talking about 9999 HP, 999 Attack, and 999 Magic Attack, and 80% both Physical and
Magical Defense-item. Kewl, huh?

* Ika Danshaku's target.
^ Will become Elina's familiar if you slow. I only know 2, because that is the
monster she get when I'm failed this game! After knowing the trick, I won't ever let
her catch my Girl Monster anymore!! Mwahahaha!!

Some screenshot in the game.
ALCG0170.jpg (103 KB) ALCG0019.jpg (82 KB) ALCG0000.jpg (83 KB)
ALCG0029.jpg (88 KB) ALCG0095.jpg (81 KB) ALCG0047.jpg (77 KB)


An Eroge that makes me repeating for countless times. This is hard indeed, but I like it.

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