Jumat, 16 Januari 2009

Eroge Frenzy!

I have been playing Eroge since I was in senior high school, until now in college. What is Eroge? You can find that in here.

Addicted, that is the correct word for me. Every eroge gives me some unusual-but-satisfying-feeling. I can laugh, crying, or even gives me strength to live, or so desperate that I spent my whole day sleeping, But for some reason, I like it. I can study about human relationship, way of life, how to motivating myself, and of course, way of having s*x, but that is different story xD. I mean, they call it Eroge because there is s*x scene, right? >.>

Anyway, aside from that, I find it more interesting than playing console game or another. Yea, for some people. just clicking 1 button repeatedly and reading the whole script 1 by 1 is suck, but not for me. I like writing stories and usually the story in Eroge is top notch, so I can use some of them to fill in my own stories and maybe someday I'll write a story to become an Eroge. I hope so, unfortunately, my aim is become Eroge programmer, not story writer, yet right now I'm working as storywriter in local eroge developer. We call it Visual Novel, 'cause is it for thirteen, without any s*x scene. If we still call it Eroge, then we must have 1 or more s*x scene in that.

Well, I've been playing for at least more than 30 title so far, from simple low-grade to high. I can't afford to buy all of that, takes a lot of money or so. And the Internet gave me solution for that. You can find almost all of the Eroge that being sold in Japan, in the Internet. As long as you have high-speed connection, then it's piece a cake.

Another thing I have to write is.. There's still a lot of great Eroge waiting for me to play, but the problem is, I DON'T HAVE TIME!! It takes at least 40 hours and above to complete 1 Eroge, and that is just being with 1 heroine. And usually, 1 Eroge have at least 4 heroines. Great, huh? Spent on that for a month without leaving from my room and I'll became a hikikomori for sure. LOL.

2 komentar:

hakurei mengatakan...

i feel refreshed when i saw your post about eroge :)

it just happen im not following the eroge way again (blame my psp and ps3.. and some ppl that forced me to play ps3 all the day >__>)

btw,sometimes u should try to become "temporary hikkikomori"
for about 1 month not playing in outside or even visiting my home..
just do it when u have some time (like semester holiday.. or so)

and.. please teach me about japanese language.. now you're become more expert than me (ya iya lah.. gw belajar aja males2an..)

Riezka mengatakan...

lol, it's your past and the present me. But then again, I haven't had your both console, and maybe I become like you if I have.^^

I like the idea become temporary hikikomori, but as usual, my parents wouldn't leave me alone like that. Someway or other, I don't have freedom to do that.

Even yesterday I was playing Toushin Toushi III from morning to night, they started to yell at me. Lol. But I can't spent a month without visiting your home >.> You damn cruel.

Teach you? You already expert at some words, though because of my translating work, maybe I catch you soon enough. When that time comes, I'll gladly teach you.