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Otome Crisis Article


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2008's newest Eroge from GIGA. As usual, since GIGA has been repeatedly releasing Eroge with the same fighting style, this eroge too use it. Almost the same like Baldr series, and all character from Xross Scramble. Yea, you can finally use 'the main heroine in xross'. And there is 2 new character, Princess Puffy and her servant, looks like another cameo from GIGA's old game, but I don't know much. Oh by the way, the one responsible in art is Seiji Kekuchi (Team Baldrhead Illustrator if I’m not wrong) who drew the original char 'Lourie Espret Majram (ローリエ。エスプレット。マジョラム)', and Nekonyan (another illustrator in GIGA) who drew original char 'Hoshizaki Hiiro (星咲緋色)', both are the main heroine in this eroge.

Anyway, you can find the OP lyric in here.


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The story divided by 2, You can choose one of the main heroine to finish this game. I choose the Hiiro's route, cos` she is the easiest and deadly for first timer. And because of that, this is my review!!

First route is Hoshizaki Hiiro (星咲緋色), Hero of Justice. Very amusing character I must say. Original character by Nekonyan. She is PDF officer (dun’now the acronym). She is Henshin Hero. Yeah, this girl can henshin! She even scream “Hen~Shin~!!” Oh, the comedy. Oh by the way, Hiiro have a boss. The boss is a.. er.. human.. can this fellow called a human? He always inside a strange pot. He is pervert, likes to make Hiiro n other angry, able to run faster than everyone else >.<. And this fellow just like Sendou Iori in Fortune Arterial. “If he's not around, it's boring!” The Story, Hiiro have a mission to catch a witch. A loli witch precisely. The name is Lourie Espret Majram (ローリエ。エスプレット。マジョラム). She will run from you in the 10 chapter of this game. Just read the story :p Continue to the story,well.. I can’t tell you the detail, but this is ridiculously fun. It’s the first time I’m laughing so much when playing an eroge. Totally real-diculous!! Hiiro has the yuri-pheromone. Yeah. Whenever she finished her henshin, all girl who defeated by her, will suddenly fall in love with her, and actually want to have sex with her. Usually, the victim raped her own friends, and it’s time for us to enjoy. There is no Touma here, lol. Enjoy the yuri! And you will know Lourie's magic from Hiiro's story. She is puppeter magician. She can makes anyone become his minion, and fight for her. Usually, she beat the victim first, then rape her and poof. Easy, huh xD. We can see tentacle n such here, and of course, yuri like always. Call it love. Yes. It is love. Lourie's route is almost the reverse side from Hiiro, but she is very hard to use! Her moves is not godlike like Hiiro. :p

Battle system

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GIGA is kindly gives some new moves here. Because we can use 2 character in battle here. 1 as a main fighter, 1 for reserved as skill finisher. You can use C+X and down to release the special skill using both fighter.

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As usual in this fighting style, to do the special skill, you need at least 2-3 red crystal. The damage is depend, though.

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Aside from Story, there is Extra Battle. And in Extra Battle, there is 4 option, one of it is Course Survival. There is 5 stage to choose, and 1 will open if you finish the stage before it. 1st stage is "Random 5 Battle". 2nd is "Enemies in Hiiro's Route". The story consist of 10 chapter, and 10 fight. So you will fight 10 enemies here. 3rd is "Enemies in Lourie's Route". It's the same like Hiiro. 4th and 5th still not available for me. I wonder what that is. And, you can use the 1st stage for opens all of the char list, because it's random!

Another option in Extra Battle is Free Battle. 1 vs 1 with you and your enemy free to choose. Both of you will level up to 10, with 10 Red Crystal each. So beware. The third option is Watch Battle, you can see how AI's fight, and learn from it. If you bored enough that is xD. The last is Training. Lol, this is starting to look like fighting game, not eroge XD.

Maybe that’s all. Currently training with Lourie. Well, she’s cute, but hard to play. Never finish her Course Survival.. always lose in stage 3 or 4. Damn it.

Well, thanks again to my beloved friend, Niki 4 da game.

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