Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Problem with my galzoo!

It started when I'm playing Galzoo Island, an eroge from Alicesoft. At first there is nothing wrong with my game, until I met with two main heroines. At first, I said to myself.

ALCG0107_copy.jpg (160 KB)

"....Oh, they're naked.. Oh yeah, the villain almost rape them."
And that's what I thought the first time.

After that, the hero rendezvous with that two main heroines, and..

"....Wait, they still naked..?"
Oh, wow, this game know if their clothes has been ripped by the villain! Great!

And after playing for at least 10 hours..

"...They still at it..?"
Is it my game that been broken or my eyes has been corrupted by porn too much until I can see through clothes..?

Finally I decided to ask for this problem in the Forum, and they don't know too >.>. One of them even said that I have the 'Special Edition' one. LOL, if that is true then I will not give this game to everyone!^^ Oh and yes, I won't post the pics here. Or maybe after I've edited it, then I'll post it here. Just wait.

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