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Synopsis for Kara no Shoujo Drama CD 3 - Sheoru no Kara

This was the third drama cd from the Eroge Kara no Shoujo. For unknown reason, the 3rd drama cd were made with a little bit changes of script from the original game. Yeah, this one was made with a derived good ending! Do you hear me? GOOD ENDING! It means Touko isn't missing! And she's not injured either!

Then lets' begin :


Part 1 :

- Part 1 begins with Tokisaka and Yukari go to picnic together (or should i said sleeping on her lap near the lake) after Kusaka's case has been solved.

- Tokisaka was called by Yukari and the rest in order to become supervisor for easter festival in
Ouba Private Girls Academy. Yukari and the others are preparing the egg for used in easter festival. After completing some, Tokisaka heard Tojiko scream and runs to her. He notice the finger inside the broken egg that fall into the floor.

- Tokisaka visits Mizuhara Touko's resident and meets her mother. They both talking about how Touko in school, then leave after hearing the occupation of her.

- Tokisaka meets Tojiko in the road and decided to buys her a ring for celebrating her novel that's gonna sold near future. Tojiko also ask Tokisaka to bring her into his office and the event where the ring is stuck into her finger is happened now.

- Mizuhara Touko and Kuchiki Touko's monologue. They're talking to each other beside the lake about Tokisaka. Mizuhara Touko runs away while crying because the Touko she's talking to isn't the Touko that she knows before.

- A party will be held inside Tokisaka's house about Tojiko's novel that gonna be released. For a long time, Tojiko didn't appears at all. Suddenly a phone cames. It was from Uozomi that tells about a new limb they newly found that have a ring stuck in one of the finger.

- Mizuhara Touko and Kuchiki Touko talking to each other again. Mizuhara Touko shout to Touko and wanted for Touko to break away with Tokisaka. Kuchiki touko swayed and wishing for Tokisaka to hurriedly find her past before she breaks from this pain she's had.

- Mizuhara Touko's monologue. She wanders around mindlessly then accidentally meets with Mamiya Shinji. She was killed afterwards.

- Kuchiki Touko's monologue when she was running away from her home.

- Another new limbs have been found. Uozumi, Tokisaka and Natsume talking together in her autopsy room and said that the new limbs belong to Mizuhara Touko. Tokisaka once again shocked and unable to bear his anger.

- Tokisaka goes to meet Mizuhara Touko's mother again in her residence to talks about her dead daughter. Then tokisaka search her room and found some evidence about Katsuragi Shin and the sample of article Sheoru no Kara.

- Tokisaka brings all of the evidence he's found from Touko's room to his house. Yukari notice the text 'sample' that was written on the Sheoru no Kara's article. Tokisaka hurriedly phone Uozumi to ask about the real identity ofK atsuragi Shin and found he was Mamiya Shinji. He also got the information that Mamiya Shinzo have another atelier. Both of them decided to goes there together on the next morning.

- As they came, Uozumi, Tokisaka and Natsume smells the corpse from outside of Shinzo's atelier. They decided to break through he house and found 4 bodies of the girl in a shell that identically looks like the Kara no Shoujo painting. From the 4 of the corpse, Tokisaka notice that both of it was including Mizuhara Touko and Tojiko. Tokisaka said "Sorry that I'm late to found you, Tojiko."

- From the next moment, Mamiya Shinji become top-most-wanted in the country. They search Shinji's apartments and found another evidence. There's also a text written "Finally I found mother! I found someone that match with Misa, Touko!" Tokisaka surprised and immediately orders Uozumi to hurriedly ask police to protect Touko.

- While at it, Uozumi and Tokisaka goes together to Shinzo's house and investigated him, including the whereabout of Shinji, but Shinzo didn't said anything helpful. Both of them decided to leave the things as of now.

- Tokisaka got another information, and he go to Gunma. Right there, he found a small chapel that being used also for Orphanage House. He meets Katsugari Motoko, which also Stella's mother. Tokisaka also meets with Stella here.

- Touko's monologue. She suddenly meets with Mamiya Shinji somewhere, but can't remember who he is, but something inside her is telling her that he know this person, but unable to remember. In this time, Mamiya Shinji already hold captive of her. He keeps on calling Touko with "Mother". They both walking in the forest and rains pour down afterwards. Touko was frightened from the madness that comes from Shinji.

Part 1 done - ending theme Puzzle by Shimotsuki Haruka.

Part 2 :
This part was totally different with the original game.

-Shinji leaves Touko in the forest and he tried to find any kind of tool from the chapel near them. (As luck goes, Shinji and Touko is also in Gunma) Tokisaka notice someone was moving around in front of the chapel. With quick response, he captured Mamiya Shinji. After confined Shinji, Tokisaka ask Stella to search for Touko that should be near this place. Mamiya shinji was talking like crazy person. Stella found Touko that almost faint due to cold and immediately brings her to the Chapel. Shaking, she looks so glad when reunited with Tokisaka. Still in that condition, Touko hits Mamiya Shinji because he's the one who killed her best friend, Mizuhara Touko.

- Touko is resting in the chapel while Mamiya Shinji already being captured. Tokisaka and Touko talking to each other in the bed where Touko resting.

- Both of them goes back to Tokyo by train. Touko keeps on talking about Mamiya Shinji and still don't know anything about herself, asking about where is her place of belong. Just when both of them are in a good atmosfer, Stella shout and interrupt both of them.

- The conclusion of Mamiya Shinzo, Mizuhara Mio, and the whereabout of Misa in the basement below Mamiya Shinzo's house. Tokisaka confused wether he will tell Touko of what becomes of her mother.

- Tokisaka visit Touko that resting in the hospital due to incident before. Touko wanted to be herself alone, so Tokisaka saying goodbye goes out.

- Tokisaka meets Stella afterwards and a name "makoto" spills out from Stella's mouth. But Tokisaka still didn't remember that name. Uozumi yelled in the hospital and notice Tokisaka. He said that the Misa's body is gone. Stella, innocently asking "Rokushiki Misa" ? Tokisaka felt a sudden rage that already being locked 6 years ago. Now he know the true identity of Rokushiki Makoto, and he was already in this hospital, hiding by become one of the doctor. Tokisaka runs to where Touko is, but she's already missing. Tokisaka ask Uozumi to search outside because the window is open, however, noticed that it was just a fluke. Tokisaka search from inside the hospital by himself, carrying his gun that he never used since 6 years ago.

- Tokisaka meets with Dr. Saito and both of them talking to each other (the details are written in the game's dialogue). At the end of conversation, Makoto stand and opens his locker on the corner of his room to make Tokisaka knows that Touko is being held in there. Just before Tokisaka use his gun, Uozumi cames and capture Makoto. Tokisaka runs to Touko afterwards and saved her. Touko cried in Tokisaka's lap, and Tokisaka's can't bear his feeling to cry too.

- Rokushiki Makoto is captured, and the case from 6 years ago is finished. While tokisaka talking to himself, Yukiko's spirit come and talking to Tokisaka. She wished for Tokisaka to not trapped by the past and move forward. She also saying sorry for not making Tokisaka to hold their baby.

- Conclusion. All of them will be visited Moon World. Uozumi comes first and tried to propose to Kyoko. After several tries failed, in the end he can said it. But Kyoko haven't give him any answer yet. Apparently Tokisaka and Yukari was there since the start. Tokisaka laughs so hard to the pitiful Uozumi. Shuugo and Kazuna also come, at this point their baby still haven't born yet. Touko and Stella comes. Touko finally knows her mother from Stella, and decided to work in the art museum, becomes Stella's junior. Touko also said she wanted to go to Italia. She wanted to go by herself, and teased Tokisaka that are he wanted to go together. Kyoko ask touko that "It's gonna be hard to be together with Tokisaka". Touko answer that "That's no problem, since both of us already becomes an existence that can't be separated anymore". Apparently Tokisaka didn't hear that, and touko sulked "Mou, shiranai!".

Part 2 end : Final ending theme "Kiseki / Miracle" by Kuchiki Touko and Mizuhara Touko.

Part 3 : Extra disc.

- Some stupid short drama about Tokisaka being a teacher.

- Full theme of Puzzle from Shimotsuki Haruka.

- Full theme of Nagareta Ito from Shimotsuki Haruka.

- Kuchiki Touko's diary. A story from her point of view from the first time she meets with Tokisaka until the end of the story.

- The content of Sheoru no Kara - 1st part by Tojiko.

- The content of Sheoru no Kara - 2nd part by Mizuhara Touko.

- Free Talk Corner by Kuchiki Touko, Mizuhara Touko and Yosomiya Tojiko #1. (this was the beginning of the part that the most hilarious).

- Free Talk Corner by Kuchiki Touko, Mizuhara Touko and Yosomiya Tojiko #2.

- Free Talk Corner by Kuchiki Touko, Mizuhara Touko and Yosomiya Tojiko #3. (Sugina Miki comes a a guest, but the one whos talking is Aji Sanma).

- Free Talk Corner by Kuchiki Touko, Mizuhara Touko and Yosomiya Tojiko #4. The history of the place where Kara no Shoujo takes place.

- Free Talk Corner by Kuchiki Touko, Mizuhara Touko and Yosomiya Tojiko #5. Touko and Touko gonna sing together in the next track, Tojiko jealous why she didn't have the character song, and kuchiki touko said "Because we're the heroines!" =)) =))

- Song by Mizuhara Touko and Kuchiki Touko : Kiseki.

- Free Talk Corner by Kuchiki Touko, Mizuhara Touko and Yosomiya Tojiko #6. Goodbye line from each of the girl. All of them almost cried in the end. "jaaa neeeeeeee".

- Pazzle off vocal version.

- Nagareta Ito off vocal version.


So, have you noticed the different of the ending from the drama cd and the original game? It's completely different. Totally. However, this was a good start to know that such a-what-if story like this exist, then the sequel will be at least more happier or sadder? Dunno thou :)

But it was nice to see such a good ending ;___;

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