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Synopsis for Kara no Shoujo Drama CD Tokubetsu Hen - Ruri no Yume

It's been a while since I last posted in here. Welcome back~!

Someone asking me to make a translation of this drama cd, unfortunately, what I can is only giving you some synopsis of the content of each track. Without further ado, enjoy below :


~ synopsis for drama cd tokubetsu hen : ruri no yume ~

- Touko's monologue about how she loves drawing, the feeling when she's draw in the first time in her childhood, and now she's in Italia to search for the path that her mother choose. Also, she's already 2 years separated from Tokisaka.
"I like drawing. Not thinking anything except the line that I draw in the canvas".

- Opening song by Kuchiki Touko : Tooku Naru.

- Martini-sensei, the art teacher that teach Touko and the one whos gives place for Touko to live in. He tells Touko that a letter has come from Japan, by Tokisaka. Continued by Touko's monologue again for explaining the neighborhood and the surrounding of Martini-sensei's place. Martini-sensei ask Touko to become his model, of course not nude model :x He also ask Touko to bring a gift to his friend. Then Touko walks around in Italia. Unfortunately, a motorcycle come and makes the letter from Tokisaka flies from Touko's hand. The motorcycle rider stops and help her take the letter.

- Touko's monologue again, explaining a little bit about the past. She said that she's charmed by Tokisaka. She also said that she's loves him, but unable to answer, because she's a coward. After the monologue ends, Touko was called by Martini-sensei to move into the next steps, to mend an art made by the painter from the time where Michaelangelo still alives. Touko gladly said "Yes!". But when she's gonna start, she didn't know from where she should start. Martini-sensei gives her an advice, about Touko that still didn't have the resolute to paint, and ask her to take her time to find the resolute for it.

‎- Insert song by Kuchiki Touko : Dareka no Sekai wo.

- Touko's monologue. Touko still didn't understand what was that lacks in her. She always stare the painting that she needs to mend, but still, she didn't have the resolute to paint. At this point she locks herself in her room to think and find it. Allesandra, another student by Martini-sensei came and ask Touko how is it. Touko was afraid to mend it, and ask her an advice how to overcome this fear. Allesandra answering by Touko needs to look for more painting in outside of this house.

- Touko start by walking outside in the road of Italia. Looking around and around, but still didn't find anything. Until she meets with the motorcycle rider from before. He introduced himself as Jean. Both of them talking together, and Touko notice that he was also painting something. Jean ask Touko to become his model since in the first time he meets her, Touko was really pretty. Touko was wondering are Italian people really honest like this? :)) Finally Touko answer with Yes, and Jean was totally happy.

- Touko's monologue. She didn't know why she decided to become his model. Maybe it was because of her mother, that also destinied to become a model, and trapped in it. She also think if she's gonna become trapped in it too. Jeans finally appears and ask Touko to sit in that place. Touko once again wonders why Italian people really honest to talk his feeling out loud. He once called Jovan, but likes to be called Jean. Touko wonders maybe she and he was the same, the one who didn't know who he/she really is, since their parents was mixed. Touko was a little bit down when talking about that, but Jean comfort her by there's must be something or someone that really important to you, and pointing at the letter from the last time they met. "Is it your boyfriend?" Touko said "We didn't have that sort of relationship", but Jean takes a step forward to ask "Then, how about I become your boyfriend?". Touko confused. Jean's laugh and said that he was joking. Touko ask why did that sentence come out? Jean answer by because Touko was looking like she's trapped in a shell, that's why it needs a little bit light from outside.

‎- "There's no need to force yourself to change.", that was Jean said before to her. Touko was convinced that to become herself is not really bad either. Back to the house, Allesandra ask Touko how is it. Touko wonders is this painting really needs to be mends. Allesandra said, "Because it's not it needs to be fixed, but 'why did' it needs to be fixed."

- Jean was painting Touko again. They both chatting about the right or wrong about painting. "Because I want it, I draw.", what Jean said about it. Why did he want to draw this art, because he want someone to see it. Touko ask who. Jean was smiling and said, "Of course it's you." Jean also gives an advice and courage to Touko to not afraid of mending. Finally, he almost finished it. Just a little bit more, but decided to give it.

Touko was shocked, and said "Is this me?". Jean said, "Because you always looks so down, but the truth is, your smile is so pretty." Touko was saying, "Am I really like this when smiling?" and she started to cries. "Please have a little bit confidence in yourself, because you really have such a beautiful smile". Jean gives the picture to her and says "Adie'u.".

- Touko runs to Martini-sensei, and finally have the courage to mend the paint requested by him. Touko's monologue again, about the courage that shows up after seeing the paint made by Jean. Martini-sensei also always stand behind her to support her. At times, Touko really made a good progress when mending it. Times later, Allesandra gives Touko another letter from Japan. Touko shocked that the previous letter hasn't been read. Allesandra was teased her that Touko's boyfriend whos sent the letter is so pitiful. But Touko once again not gonna said that he was her boyfriend, just a person that's important to her, and Touko said after this painting was done, she will replied. Later, she can't find the trace of Jean everywhere. She finally knows that the word "Adie'u" meaning was "An eternal parting.", but Touko believes someday she will met him again. The painting from Jean was gives a lot of courgae to her. In the end, after this mend was done, Touko promises to back to Tokyo, and finally said this word that she unable to said 2 years ago, "I love you, Tokisaka-san. Can you let me to be your bride?"

- Ending song by Kuchiki Touko : Aoi Tori

- Free Talk from everyone that involves in this drama cd.

- Aji Sanma's special message.


Yes, this is the true epilogue of Kara no Shoujo for someone whos trying to find salvation in Kara no Shoujo. This end was derived from the 3rd Drama CD where Touko is actually alives, without any injuries due to truck accident, and she didn't disappear after that. She remains in that place with Tokisaka and the others :)

This limited drama cd bundle was packaged with a 150 page artbook and mini soundtrack in Comicket 77. In case someone wanted to buy, it has been overpriced by some people :(
From the original that cost 5000 yen, now it becomes 12000++ yen, even someone already make a 22k yen price tag on the net. It's crazy, yea.

Synopsis for Drama CD 3 - Sheoru no Kara - will be written next to this post.

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minoru mengatakan...

Do you have a plan to fully translate this drama cd?

Riezka mengatakan...

hope so, if my skill was more better than today. I'm not promising anything, but I'll try to update it from time to time.

I hope someone which better than me will take it and make it a video or sumthing thou.

Anonim mengatakan...

I think your skill is good enough i think i mean its better than no one doing it. There is a few word mistakes but its not bad i fully understood it and we can just reconstruct the sentences if its misplaced.There are many unhappy people that haven't heard the happy ending and this is what we need!

Riezka mengatakan...

thanks for the encouragement :)

and thank you for leaving a comment too :)

It's nice to see someone appreciated your hardworks :)

seira00100 mengatakan...

anyone have link download for drama cd kara no shoujo?

Riezka mengatakan...

late to reply, but I don't know the exact place after some of the file hosting came to stop working.

But try searching in mediafire. Maybe you can find it.

Anonim mengatakan...

By "mending a painting", I'm assuming that Touko is planning to become an art curator. If I remember correctly from the game playthroughs I found on YouTube, her mother was also an art curator. Touko is, in some ways, following her mother's footsteps...

Riezka mengatakan...

yes, thou this is not truly "true ending" for kara no shoujo :)

isaac Leung mengatakan...

Wow I'm really late to discover this, I just became a fan of this series last month and I was so sad about the ending of the games, and I discovered your blog. You've done a really good job on giving us the synopsis of the CDs. Yes your grammar needs improvement, but that does not matter, we understand it:) Thanks to you I discovered a good ending version of KnS
P.S. A KnS 3 trailer has recently been spotted in YouTube 8D