Jumat, 07 November 2008

Haruka Tomatsu - Motto Hade ni Ne

I was hoping that Kannagi OP PV, motto Hade ni ne will be about Nagi's dance, like in the OP anime. Apparently I was wrong, it's about a girl who eats, eats and drink some unbelivably disgusting juice while singing :p. But, the song is just awesome. It's feels like a curse. First, I heard this in the anime, and repeat it at least 10 times a day, then I got the PV and play it for at least the same time. Then, I go to my friend to take the lossless format of this song, and repeat it in foobar till death xD. And, we together go to another friend in that day too, and guess what? He play this song when we came to his room. IT'S A CURSE!!! UBELIEVABLE CURSE!!

I just love Nagi's expression when she singing this song >.<. It have some ecchi feeling.. or maybe it's just me :p

Anyway, here is the PV if you want it.

Haruka Tomatsu - Motto Hade ni Ne

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Suzuki Ryo mengatakan...

Nice upload.
Leeching mode on...

Riezka mengatakan...



I'm just doing my job..
you really haven't copy this from mine, huh?

well, enjoy the video like I did^^