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Valkyrie Profile - Toga no Seou Mono

Valkyrie Profile - 咎を背負う者
Valkyrie Profile - Toga wo Seou Mono

Translated as Valkyrie Profile - Person who Burdened with Mistake.

The very 1st Valkryie Profile in NDS! Still by Tri-Ace and Square-Enix and with our
composser, Motoi Sakuraba. The song used in this game taken from VP : Lenneth.
Because it's Lenneth turn now. Maybe before VP 1 story began, when Lenneth's Seal
Value still at the highest point. This game is Tactic. But will change to usual
battleplay when we attack an enemy. Unlike usual Tactic, we can attack an enemy with
our full team! We can gangbang an enemy with 4 people! You can't do that in usual
tactic game, u know?! Just position your team close enough to an enemy and there you
have it. FUN? HELL YEAH!

We didn't play as Lenneth. We play as human called Wylfred.

A light swordman who born with a friend of his called Ancel.

Together, they join an army and prove them self as a great warrior. Till one day,
their army is attacked with a horde of monsters. With their skill, all enemy was
obliterated. But, the last dead monster suddenly awake, and attacks Ancel. Wylfred
spontaneously jumps to defends Ancel with it's attack. Ancel survive, but Wylfred
doesn't. Wylfred is dead at that point.

There, Wylfred heard a sound who self proclaimed as Battle Maiden Valkryie. The
Battle Maiden make a contract with Wylfred, along with a feather called Battle
Maiden's Wing. On the battlefield, Ancel who crying because of Wylfred's death said
"God, Give him my life so he can alive again. Please grant my wish!". And in that
second, Wylfred awake. Ancel then hug him while crying. Wylfred who sure that
himself has died feels weird. "Is that a dream?" Wylfred said to himself. And a
laughing sound can be heard in the battlefield.

Not so much time passed. a horde of monster attacks again. Now, they are all
Boss-Type Monster. Wylfred understand that he and Ancel can't killed this thing
alone. Once again, a sound is heard. It said to Wylfred to use the Battle Maiden's
Wing before he died. Wylfred, confused then finally use it on Ancel.

[Click to Enlarge]

The effect is incredible!! Ancel's status doubles to 10 times+all elemental defense.
And with over-powered Ancel, you can easily beat all of the monsters without almost
any damage to you. After the battle ends, the tragedy began. Ancel almost died for
apparently no reason. First he laugh and said to Wylfred "Maybe my wish has been
granted by God. So I will be going first, Wylfred.". Then, he crying and desperately
tried to stand while screaming "I don't want to die! I DON'T WANT TO DIEEEEEE!!!!"
In that instance, Ancel died. Wylfred, still confused for just happen, run from
battlefield while saying "It's not my fault! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!".

In the middle of a forest, a woman appear. She said that Hel send her to help
Wylfred. Her name is Aylith. She explains many thing about Battle Maiden's Wing,
and about Hel. After that, the quest of Wylfred will continue.

Oh, another note. After obtained Battle Maiden's Wing, Wylfred must collect some
amount of karma every battle. You can obtain Karma from enemy, after you Over Attack
him. When you ends with the same amount of objective, you will recieve item and
skills, such as First Aid or Hard Body. Yeah, skills here is buyable, not from
equipment or using skills point from Valkyrie's game before this. And also, when
you use Battle Maiden's Wing, Karma will also instantly full. And, a person who
takes an effect of Battle Maiden's Wing won't be able to enter the battle again for
eternity. It means you will lose that person, as the same when you transfer soul
to Valhalla. You can't revive him/her, can't use him/her, and you will surely regret
what you done. So, use it on your own risk! Maybe use it on the person you hate so
much :p (lol)

By the way, I still on my second chapter here, so I can't explains it all. So sorry.
But I heard that Wylfred will meet with Lenneth, and start to kills her because of
this Battle Maiden's Wing. Let's just wait for my update, okay?!^^

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