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Kara no Shoujo Drama CD Collection

This post should be the first one to be written before the 2 synopsis below, but oh well. Why not? Hello again, I'll still talking about this epic eroge Kara no Shoujo again. Since there's a official translation, everyone that I've met just hyped about it. Time to dug some old memory about it. :)

This time, I will explain about all 4 Drama CD of Kara no Shoujo. They were made after the original Japanese game has been released, with about approximately 1 for 3 months each, with the ending on Comicket 77 for Ruri no Yume. (Dunno if they (red-Innocent Grey) wanted to make it again, but maybe they will jumped directly to Kara no Shoujo 2).

Note that all of the character here have the same seiyuu, except Tokisaka Reiji. Since in the original game he didn't have any seiyuu. The good one, his seiyuu is awesome. He can express all of the emotion Reiji's have in all part of this drama cd! That was the bliss of having drama cd!

Okay, this is all of the Drama CD of Kara no Shoujo!

Drama CD 1 : 六識事件 (Rokushiki Jiken) : Reiji’s past, where his fiancee, Yukiko still alive. Ended with Reiji found Yukiko after brutally murdered, just like in the one of the CG in Kara no Shoujo (headless body crucified on pond).

Drama CD 2 : ネアニスの卵 (Neanis no Tamago) : From the beginning of the game, until meets with Touko and talking together with her on the side of the lake. Until Touko said “Tokisaka-san can become my love partner, you know?”

Drama CD 3 : シェオルの殻 (Sheoru no Kara ) : Continued from last track until the end, including the incident with Rokushiki Makoto and finally gets Touko back from him. Then Touko wanted to go to Italy in order to continue painting, and the story end there. There’s a lot of special track in here, including Kuchiki Touko’s special diary from the beginning until the end, also there’s free talk between Fujiko, Mizuhara Touko and Kuchiki Touko that so hilarious.

You can read the synopsis in here.

Special Drama CD : ルリノユメ (Ruri no Yume), limited edition from C77 that cames with an artbook : The Epilogue of Kara no Shoujo. After years by years (2 years), Touko is in Italia and training with a teacher for painting. This drama cd is all about what happen with her in Italia. The story ends with Touko finally have the courage, and wanted to said “I love you, Tokisaka-san. Can I be your bride?” to Reiji when she’s coming back to Tokyo.

You can read the synopsis in here.


That was all. For the first two, they are the same like in the original game, so I won't bother making a synopsis for it. For the one whos busy with works (with no such time to play the original game), hearing this drama cd from the first until the end is a good way to spend times while ending this epic story Kara no Shoujo.

Enjoy then :D

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